Reasons why your dog wants to mount! (+solutions)

why does my dog mount me

Do you have a dog that constantly wants to mount you or even other dogs, toys or pillows? If so, and you wonder why he does this and whether you should stop it read on. In this article I will go into more detail.

There are various reasons why your dog wants to mount you. Often there is no reason to worry. For example, it may be that your dog wants to mount you because he is feeling well and can thus process the positive feelings better. You should be concerned if your dog mounts people or objects out of boredom. Then you should urgently keep him more busy.

Reasons why your dog wants to mount you

There are different reasons why dogs want to mount. Rarely it is dominance behavior.

Your dog wants to mount you out of the game

A common situation is when your puppy or young dog (up to about 6 months of age) wants to mount on you or other dogs while playing.

This is a normal behavior at this age and rather to be judged as play behavior and not a worrying situation that needs to be stopped.

However, if it happens very often, you can interrupt this situation in between.

Your dog mounts you because he is doing well

It may sound strange, but when your dog is happy or content, he may want to mount you or other dogs.

This is often the case when they had experienced a lot during the day, for example, in the dog park with other dogs have played and then at home have eaten and are full and happy.

So your dog has been extremely positively stimulated, which is good, and to process these emotions he may mount you or objects.

This is usually not a behavior that must be stopped. If it annoys you and happens too often, you can of course stop it.

Mount up out of insecurity

In addition to the playful mounting up out of well-being, it can be that your dog mounts up out of insecurity.

This is often a reaction in dogs that are very insecure and don’t know how to act in certain situations and then start mounting you or whatever.

When your dog comes into a new or unfamiliar situation, your dog may find it interesting and extremely curious on the one hand, but on the other hand he may be afraid of the new.

These contradictory feelings must be processed. Often this happens by mounting the new visitor or by you.

Dog mounts you when excited and stressed

Some dogs are less able to handle excitement and stress than others. The result can be that they try to compensate for this stress by mounting pillows, toys or even your leg.

Especially dogs that have been mistreated in the past can quickly become stressed. If a dog has been mistreated in the past by a big man, for example, it is possible that the dog gets scared every time he sees big men.

If your dog gets scared or stressed quickly you should consult a professional dog trainer or at least an online dog school to work on the problem specifically.

Dog wants to mount you because he has too little exercise

Boredom and frustration because your dog is not busy will lead to misbehavior over time. In addition to excessive barking, your dog may start mount on everything and everyone.

If you are honest with yourself, you know approximately how much exercise and activity your dog needs in the long run and how much he actually gets with you.

Do you walk your dog twice a day, do you keep him mentally occupied as well, or do you just go out until he pees and that’s it?

Make sure that your dog has enough exercise and activity, then the problem will usually solve itself.

Your dog is dominant and wants to mount you

This is probably the reason everyone would first suspect. However, it is not the most common.

Your dog mounts you or other dogs and wants to show his dominance. It could also be that a lack of socialization is causing your dog to mount other dogs because he has not learned how to interact with other dogs.

why does my dog mount me

His drive causes the male dog to mount everything

Mounting simply ensures that the sex drive is satisfied. When hormones go crazy, male dogs usually can’t control themselves. Especially during puberty.

The mounting then helps to reduce the hormone congestion.

Your dog mounts everything possible because he is in pain

Pain or injury can cause your dog to mount anything because the movement relieves some pain in the abdominal area, for example.

If you notice that your dog suddenly wants to mount everything and everyone more than usual, a visit to your vet can quickly provide clarity.

Do you have to stop it?

In these situations, you don’t necessarily have to stop the behavior:

  • If your puppy or young dog suddenly grabs a pillow or wants to mount on the playmate out of play, it is basically not a bad thing if it happens once in a while. But if it happens all the time, you should stop it.
  • t’s the same thing: if your dog wants to climb on you for a moment because he’s doing well, that’s perfectly fine and no need to worry. In this case, it’s not tragic if it doesn’t happen all the time. You can then simply push him away.

In some cases, however, it is necessary to stop your dog from mounting you.

  • This is for example the case if your dog shows this behavior out of insecurity. If you have visitors and your dog does not know how to behave, he may want to mount your visitor. Unlike “feeling good”, this is a reaction from a negative feeling and should be stopped.
  • If your dog wants to satisfy his sex drive because of hormones, you should always stop it. Either there is stress with another male dog who doesn’t like it or a female dog. Most of the time the owners don’t find that funny either.

If it is too much for you or you are unsure why your dog wants to mount you or a pillow you can always stop it even if it would not be tragic as described in some cases.

This way you are always on the safe side.

How to stop your dog mount

If you want to stop your dog from mounting in any case you should not yell at him like “stop it” or “no” but just push him away.

Dogs understand body language or gestures extremely well and know very quickly what they are allowed to do or not.

For one dog it might be enough to push him away 2 times, for another you might have to do it 5 or 6 times or in case of emergency just leave the room to end the situation.

Frequently asked questions

Does a dog need a garden?

As a rule, a dog does not need a garden. Sufficient exercise in nature and mental work are enough to make a dog happy and above all tired.

How to recognize good dog food

Good dog food can be recognized by a high proportion of fresh meat. Confusing descriptions like animal protein or animal by-products are usually well-sounding descriptions for waste.

Why does my dog want to sleep in my bed?

Dogs are very social and like to be around their owners. It is normal for dogs to always want to sleep near their pack. So it’s not wrong from dog’s point of view if he wants to sleep in your bed.

Conclusion: Why does my dog want to mount me?

Why your dog wants to mount you can have many reasons. Depending on why your dog wants to mount you, it is necessary to stop or cancel the behavior. This is for example the case if it is due to hormonal reasons during puberty. In the case of playing puppies, you can let it go if it happens only sporadically.

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