This is why your dog turns his back to you!

why does your dog turns his back to you

Our dogs often turn their backs or rear ends to us. It’s especially noticeable with Malou, our Cane Corso. I did some research on the reasons why dogs turn their backs on us.

When your dog turns his back to you, it is usually upbeat. He is showing you that he trusts and greets you in a friendly way. From the dog’s point of view, he puts himself in a vulnerable position because he is almost defenseless. Another alternative is that he sits or stands protectively in front of you.

Dogs communicate by body language

Dogs, unlike us humans, communicate mainly through body language. It does not require loud barking or growling to signal to the other that he should not come closer.

Therefore it is also unnecessary for dogs to greet each other on the leash. Dogs already notice from a distance how the other dog ticks.

For us humans, it is often difficult to interpret the dogs’ body language correctly.

It is a friendly greeting when dogs turn their backs or rump to each other or you.

It is simply a sign that he is happy to be with you. In this position, your dog is vulnerable and almost defenseless.

So he needs great confidence to turn his back to you. With strangers, your dog would not do that instinctively.

So it is not a rejecting gesture, as it is with us humans when your dog turns his back to you, but a sign of trust.

When my wife sits in the kitchen, Malou always turns her back to her and sits directly in front of her legs. She presses her back against her.

Why your dog turns his butt to you

Have you ever noticed dogs sniff each other’s butts as a greeting?

This is purely information gathering and communication for them. Through the smell, they learn everything they need to know.

Since your dog accepts you as a species stranger, but like another dog, he shows you that he is open to communicating with you, and you may sniff 😉 .

Malou turns her back to us
Malou turns her back

Dog turns his back to you because he wants to be stroked

Sometimes it’s pretty simple. Most dogs love to be petted. When your dog sits in front of you and turns his back, maybe he wants to be petted.

Maybe your dog enjoys being stroked on his back or butt. Or something is itching him. Instead of rolling around on the floor, he prefers to look for the solution in you.

Of course, some dogs do not want to be stroked.

Dog avoids eye contact

Eye contact or looking deep into the eyes is a kind of dominant behavior. Some dogs want to prevent it. It can be that your dog wants to avoid eye contact.

Your dog protects you.
Maybe your dog isn’t turning his back or rear end to you. There may be something unusual near you that he notices long before you do, and he stands in front of you protectively.

Dogs with protective solid, or guarding instincts, like our Cane Corso, are incredibly observant.

Dog is offended

If your dog is usually facing you, this could be a way to show you that something is wrong. He is giving you the cold shoulder.

Conclusion: Why your dog turns his back or his rear end to you

There are different reasons why your dog turns his back to you. Usually, it is because he wants to show you that he trusts you and is open to communication. But it could also be that he does not turn his back to you but stands or sits protectively in front of you. Dogs notice perceived danger much earlier than we humans do.

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