7 reasons why your dog does not greet you at the door!

why doesn´t my dog greet me

What could be better for a dog owner when he comes home and is already joyfully expected. But what if your dog does not greet you at the door anymore? Does your dog not like you anymore?

If your dog doesn’t greet you anymore at the door, it can simply be because he is older and has to save his energy. He just can’t wait joyfully, wildly at the door anymore. However, muzzle licking is also a passive sign of how your dog greets you.

Why your dog greets you at the door.

Dogs don’t take care of themselves but rely on you to bring food home. So when you come home and your dog is waiting for you stormily, it may be because he is hungry.

It is the same with wolves. When the adult wolves come from hunting, they are greeted stormily by the pups and food is begged for.

Also, your dog greets you when you come back because you are the leader for him.

So when you come home and your dog greets you, it is a good sign. However, a greeting may or may not always be actively done by jumping around wildly.

Why does my dog don´t greet me anymore?

If your dog stops greeting you at the door, it can be due to several reasons:

Dog is not hungry

Your dog greets you at the door expecting to be fed.

This behavior can be observed in wolves. The pups greet wildly and stormily the adults returning from the hunt and beg for food.


A major factor can be age. Older dogs often just can’t jump up and greet you as quickly as they would like to.

Pain and illness

If your dog is sick or in pain, he may not greet you at the door.

In this case, you should talk to your veterinarian to rule out any injuries or general illnesses.

Duration of absence

You have not been away long enough. Our dogs do not run to the door every time. If I leave the house for 5 minutes, they don’t rush to the door, but often stay and sleep.

Your dog is tired and sleeps

Your dog is tired. Dogs sleep 16-18 hours a day. It may be that he is simply tired and for this reason does not rush to the door.

You may also have unintentionally taught your dog not to greet you at the door. Depending on what breed you have, this can happen very quickly.

Unintentionally trained

Your dog is constantly learning. If you come home with full grocery bags and don’t want your dog to greet you stormily and you scold him or correct it differently, he learns it over time.

He associates running to the door with negative consequences and your dog may not greet you anymore for that reason.

It is important that you are not only consistent in your education, but also in your behavior. Today like this and tomorrow like that is not understood by a dog. Is he allowed to greet you or not, is he allowed on the couch or not? Decide!

If you want to be greeted by your dog at the door, you must not stop it.

Lack of exercise

Is your dog getting enough exercise?

If your dog is not exercised physically as well as mentally for a long period of time, he may become lethargic. He just lies in his bed and vegetates.

Nothing happens anyway. Why should he be happy.

Does your dog only greet you sometimes?

If you want to know why your dog greets you some days and not others, pay attention to what is special about those days?

Does he greets you when he hasn’t had a walk yet and is he lying in his dog bed completely exhausted on other days?

Have you not fed your dog on some days?

Signs how your dog greets you moreover

why doesn´t my dog greet me

Just because your dog doesn’t jump up wildly to greet you because he’s been alone for 8 hrs, doesn’t mean he doesn’t greet you.

Dogs use body language to communicate with each other. They then naturally use this with human pack members as well.

One way your dog greets you apart from active joy at the door is the muzzle lick a sign of greeting.

Good sign when your dog does not greet you effusively.

However, it can also be a good sign if your dog doesn’t run to the door in a stormy and joyful manner when you come home.

He may have felt safe in your absence, was not afraid, and knew you were coming back.

This means that you can leave your dog alone sometimes without any problems.

When NOT to greet your dog

In nature, lead wolves allow themselves to be greeted and not the other way around. It is specifically avoided to greet beta males first so as not to raise their social status.

So if you have a rebellious dog, wait until he comes to you and not the other way around.

Conclusion: why your dog does not greet you?

If your dog doesn’t greet you at the door, or doesn’t greet you stormily anymore, it could be for a number of reasons. Either he is physically no longer able to do so because he is old or sick. It may also be that you have unintentionally taught him to do so.

Your dog can also greet you passively by licking his lips.

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