Why is my Chihuahua panting so much?

why is my Chihuahua panting

Do you feel that your Chihuahua is panting heavily and wonder if something is wrong? In this post, we clarify what could be the reasons why your Chihuahua is panting heavily and if this is normal.

Several reasons can be the trigger for why your Chihuahua is panting heavily. First and foremost, panting is a tool to regulate or lower body temperature. It is usual for your Chihuahua to pant more when the temperature is warm. However, heavy panting can also indicate illness or poisoning.

Chihuahua panting in the heat

Dogs regulate their body temperature by panting. When panting, the dog breathes in through the nose and out through the mouth with the tongue extended.

However, this does not serve the purpose of breathing because the air hardly reaches the lungs. The Chihuahua breathes very shallowly.

The airflow caused by panting causes moisture to evaporate from the mucous membranes, which in turn causes the body temperature to drop.

So panting is a natural behavior when your Chihuahua is too warm. But make sure that your Chihuahua always has fresh water. Otherwise, the mucous membranes will dry out quickly.

After a long walk, your Chihuahua pants

After a long or strenuous walk, your Chihuahua may pant more than usual. Even though they are small dogs, Chihuahuas need regular exercise.

Like heat, Chihuahuas also regulate their body temperature by panting after physical exertion since they can’t sweat.

So heavier panting is not uncommon after exertion or in heat.

Fear and stress are reasons for heavy panting.

Certain situations can cause your Chihuahua to pant heavily. These are situations where he is scared or stressed.

Many dogs do not like to drive. As soon as they are in the car, they start panting heavily. But the visit to the vet can also scare your Chihuahua, and he will pant more.

Accustoming your Chihuahua to all possible situations slowly but purposefully is best. Drive short distances with your Chihuahua so that he realizes that driving a car is not so bad.

If you have the possibility, go by your vet during a walk, pick up a treat with your Chihuahua and go away again. This way, your Chihuahua won’t associate anything negative with the vet and may shed his fear.

Brachycephalic syndrome

Unfortunately, the Chihuahua is also a breed that suffers from brachycephaly. This means nothing more than “short-headedness.” The head, nose, and jaws are shortened and often more expansive. As a result, the dogs have problems with breathing and get worse air.

So if your Chihuahua is panting heavily, it may be due to a pronounced brachycephaly.

Diseases lead to heavy panting.

Is your Chihuahua panting more than usual, and it can’t be due to hot temperatures or heavy exertion? Then perhaps the disease is the cause.

Respiratory tract diseases, such as pneumonia, can be why your Chihuahua pants so heavily. But also problems with the heart and thus a lower resilience lead to breathing problems and heavy panting.

Pain from an injury can be another cause of heavy panting in your Chihuahua.

If you are unsure why your Chihuahua is panting so heavily, have him examined by your veterinarian to be on the safe side.

Side effects of medications

If you have already seen your vet and they have prescribed medication for your Chihuahua, the panting may also be due to side effects of the drug.

Again, talk to your vet to see if this is “normal” or what to do about it.

Chihuahua is too fat.

Being overweight is a common reason why Chihuahuas pant heavily. Your Chihuahua may not be big but too fat.

You can tell if your Chihuahua is too skinny or overweight by the ribs and pelvic bones. Everything is fine if you can’t see the bones but can clearly feel them. Excess weight leads to an overload of the metabolism, and every movement becomes exhausting.

Put your Chihuahua on a diet. Less food, more exercise. Being overweight causes breathing problems and can also hurt the joints and heart.

Allergic reaction

Allergies can cause heavy panting, whether due to medication, ingredients from your food, or “normal” environmental allergies.

Anything your Chihuahua reacts to can cause heavy panting. It is best to have this checked by your veterinarian to act accordingly.

Conclusion: Why does your Chihuahua pant heavily?

Usually, it has typical causes when your Chihuahua is panting heavily. These include heat and exertion. It is perfectly normal if your Chi pants more in the summer or after a strenuous walk. However, stress or illness can also be the cause. Stress should be avoided by introducing him slowly to the situation, and diseases should be examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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