Why do French Bulldogs smell! (+ solution)

do french bulldogs smell

The French Bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. However, the widespread rumor that dogs generally smell still keeps many from getting a French Bulldog into their home. After all, who wants their house or apartment to smell like a dog. But what’s the point? In this article I will discuss if French Bulldogs smell and what can be the reasons for it.

French Bulldogs are generally not one of those dogs that are known for being smelly or having a strong odor. They are relatively small dogs with a short coat that simply have almost no smell at all. Every dog has its own smell, but usually it can’t be considered smelly. However, cheap dog food or an intolerance can cause the French Bulldog to stink or at least develop a stronger odor of its own.

Do French Bulldogs smell?

Healthy French Bulldogs that get a reasonable food do not smell or rather have only a minimal inherent odor.

Of course, every dog has its own smell, just like we humans do. Of course, if you are incredibly sensitive, you may find it unpleasant.

But the French Bulldog, for anatomical reasons alone, usually cannot smell strongly. It is simply a small dog with very short fur. They just don’t smell.

So far, I have not met a French Bulldog that stinks or just smells strongly. Because of the current hype you see them very often and also friends and acquaintances sometimes have a Frenchie.

Unpleasant smells in the house or apartment you will look in vain there. The coat of the French Bulldog is comparable to our Cane Corso. She also does not smell – let alone stink.

I can press my nose all the way into their fur 🙂 and you can’t smell anything at all.

Of course, you can now say that I’m used to it and no longer even notice the smell. But I have to disappoint you there.

We recently had to feed a different food for a period of 2 weeks, because our supplier had problems. Fortunately we still had a bag of the dry food which we fed before.

After a few days we noticed a stronger dog smell. That was also the reason why we changed.

Reasons why your French Bulldog smells strong

Inferior dog food

Low quality dog food is often the reason why French Bulldogs stink or smell stronger.

Often there is some kind of garbage as a filler in the food that causes your bulldog to develop a stronger smell of its own.

If your feed says “animal by-products” or “animal protein”, it could be anything. Animal waste, beaks, claws, hooves, etc. If your feed contained fresh meat, the manufacturer would of course mention it.

In our food, for example, there is beef and poultry meat and not any ingredients that are described with positive-sounding terms!

So if your French Bulldog smells strongly or even stinks you should take a closer look at your food.

french bulldogs smell
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French Bulldogs smell because of food intolerance

It’s also possible for dogs to be intolerant to various ingredients, causing them to smell stronger.

For example, if your French Bulldog can’t tolerate beef, you might want to switch foods sometimes, too. A visit to your vet to clarify a food intolerance can not hurt.

French Bulldog gets wet and smells

Not for nothing there are sayings like “You smell like a wet dog”. A dog’s own smell is intensified by wetness. It is simply like that. A wet French Bulldog simply smells stronger.

However, if you consider the first two points, even the smell of a wet French Bulldog is not so strong that it is unpleasant or even smelly.

Bulldog rolls in carrion

Dogs are just disgusting sometimes. Even our Broholmer, who doesn’t even want to go outside when it rains, rolled in a dead animal. When they run off leash in the fields, sometimes there’s just nothing you can do about it.

When your French Bulldog rolls in a dead rabbit or fox poop because it smells so great, it just stinks.

Your Bully has bad breath

You need to give your French Bulldog bones or alternatives for dental care.

Gnawing and chewing bones is like brushing your dog’s teeth. Now, if you give only dry food or wet food, this grooming effect is missing.

Sooner or later tartar will form on your French Bulldog which can lead to gum disease and bad breath. Tooth and gum problems can also be the reason why your French Bulldog drools more.

Problems with the anal gland

Unfortunately, French Bulldogs may also have problems with their anal glands and therefore stink.

If this is the case, the secretion from the anal glands is not excreted when defecating but accumulates until it eventually leaks out.

Stinky paws

If your French Bulldog’s paws smell, it may be due to a yeast infection. Yeast infections are often described as cheese feet.

If your French Bulldog has smelly paws, either your vet can help you by prescribing a remedy for it. Alternatively, you can try a solution of equal parts apple cider vinegar and water.

Apple cider vinegar kills the yeast and has an antibacterial effect. However, you should not use it on open wounds on the paws.

Various diseases cause the smell in French Bulldogs

Various diseases such as diabetes can affect the metabolism and have the consequence that your dog smells stronger. Be it at the fur or also from the mouth.

But also allergies, parasites and bacteria can be the reason why your Frenchy smells stronger.

A visit to your veterinarian can provide clarity here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long can a French Bulldog be left alone?

A French Bulldog can be left alone for between 4 and 6 hours if it has been accustomed to it slowly and sensibly. However, there is no 100% guarantee with any dog.

Do French Bulldogs bark a lot?

French Bulldogs generally do not bark much. They belong rather to the quiet dog breeds. However, among other things, too little exercise can lead to boredom and behavioral problems such as increased barking.

How much exercise does a French Bulldog need?

The French Bulldog needs an average amount of exercise. It is on the one hand a powerhouse which has energy but on the other hand it is not a top athlete because of the breathing problems. 2 reasonable walks and some head work a day are usually sufficient.

Do French Bulldogs sleep a lot?

French Bulldogs sleep a lot. Upt to 20 hours of sleep is not uncommon.

Conclusion: Do French Bulldogs smell?

Basically, French Bulldogs do not smell. They do have an odor of their own, but it is not particularly strong let alone annoying. However, inferior dog food, among other things, can be a reason why your Frenchi smells stronger than normal.

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