Is a Newfoundland a family dog?

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When I was looking at possible family dogs for us to consider, 2 characteristics were at the top of the list. They should be big dogs and they should be fond of children. At some point I became aware of the Newfoundland and i asked myself if the Newfoundland is a family dog.

The Newfoundland is the perfect family dog because they are incredibly good natured, friendly and loving with children. Contrary to popular belief, they need a good amount of exercise and exercise, as they were originally used for hard work. So they are ideal for active families.


  • Classification: Pinscher and Schnauzer, Molossian, Swiss Mountain Dogs.
  • Origin: Canada
  • Life expectancy: 8 – 10 years
  • Height: males approx. 71 cm, females approx. 66 cm
  • Weight: males approx. 68 kg, females approx. 54 kg
  • Use: sledge dog for heavy loads, water dog
  • Coat length: long
  • Coat color: black, black and white, brown
  • Character: calm, peaceful, amiable

Nature and character of a family dog

Its nature and character make the Newfoundland a perfect family dog. The Newfoundland is the calmness itself. He is calm, peaceful and amiable.

He is one of the gentlest dogs around, making him the ideal family dog. Especially in families with children he feels well, because the Newfoundland develops a particularly close relationship to children.

He is playful and yet shows patience and consideration. He needs close contact with his family and would prefer to be with them always and everywhere.

Despite all his good nature, he is very good at distinguishing whether a stranger is a threat or a friend and can protect his family from danger accordingly.

If you now have the possibility to go for a walk with your Newfoundland at a lake it is perfect, because they love water.

His fondness for water makes him an excellent water rescue dog.

Newfoundland needs exercise

Most may assume, based on looks, that a Newfoundland doesn’t need much exercise. However, this is not the case.

The original use of dog breeds usually indicates how much exercise they need.

As the name suggests, the Newfoundland originally came from the Canadian island of Newfoundland. There he was used by fishermen mostly as a work animal.

Today, the Newfoundland is used as a draft dog as well as a rescue and water dog. Extreme conditions like storm, fast and cold cannot impress this robust breed.

The Newfoundland therefore requires a certain amount of exercise and activity. At the top of the list, of course, is swimming.

So if you have access to a lake: perfect.

As with any dog, however, extensive walks in nature are the basis for keeping a Newfoundland busy.

You should be able to offer your Newfoundland 2 walks a day. If you then make a trip with the whole family to a forest, a lake or something similar at the weekend, the Newfoundland will be happy.

Education of a family dog

The Newfoundland, just because of its size and weight, needs a consistent but loving education to become the perfect family dog.

These dogs simply have to obey in order to avoid accidents of any kind. The education in general, however, is not so complicated.

The “bears” are intelligent and learn quickly what you want from them. With treats, small games as a reward or extra petting you can educate this breed well.

The Newfoundland is therefore also good for people with little experience. Completely clueless you should not try to educate a dog breed if you do not know at all what to do and how.

Is the Newfoundland a family dog


For which families is the Newfoundland suitable?

The Newfoundland is perfect for families who like to go hiking in nature and spend time with their dog. Especially when there are children in the house, the Newfoundland feels comfortable.

For people who are looking for a cozy dog that lies almost exclusively with them on the couch, it is not suitable because a certain amount of exercise is necessary.

Care of a Newfoundland

The care and health is not an unimportant point in a future family dog.

If you have children who also need a lot of time and attention it can be difficult to have a high maintenance dog. In any case, you should include that in your considerations.

With the fur care comes on future owners of a Newfoundland of course work.

The coat consists of waterproof stick hair and long top coat. It should be brushed daily to prevent it from stinking or matting.

You should also clean the coat after a walk to remove dirt such as branches, twigs or leaves.

You will need to add this effort to the daily walks to calculate the approximate time required.

Health of the family dog

Of course, no one wants a sick dog. But if you know in advance that a breed is particularly prone to disease, I think it is less suitable as a family dog if you have small children.

I don’t even like to imagine how our children would react if our dogs would leave us because of diseases.

Basically, the Newfoundland is a rather robust, healthy dog. However, as with all large and heavy dog breeds, joint problems (HD/ED) can occur.

Therefore you should pay attention with large dog breeds, like the Newfoundland, that they grow up slim and not too early, too much weight stresses the joints.

This means rather feed a little less until they are fully grown. Then also the Newfoundland will be a healthy family dog.

In addition, care should be taken that the breeder has already ruled out these diseases in the parents. This is still not a guarantee but a point that you can exclude in advance.

The foundation for a healthy dog life you can set with a species-appropriate diet. So feed only good dog food so that your Newfoundland is supplied with everything in the best possible way.

A dog is and remains a carnivore. A high meat content should be the first criterion when choosing food.

Artificial additives as well as grain have no place in the food and could affect the health in the long run.

Conclusion: Is the Newfoundland a family dog?

Yes, the Newfoundland is an ideal family dog, especially when children are in the house. However, one should not underestimate the urge to move. The Newfoundland needs exercise and activity, as it was originally used for hard work.

Also the effort of grooming should not be ignored. Families with small children often lack the time to do justice to the coat care in addition to the daily exercise. However, if you have the time and want to invest, the Newfoundland is a perfect family dog.

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