Is the Husky a family dog?

is the Husky a family dog

Most people choose a dog primarily for its appearance. This is basically fine, because a dog should also be visually pleasing. Nevertheless, all the characteristics of a breed must be considered to decide whether the breed suits you. Huskies are very popular because of the typical look of a wolf. But is a Husky a family dog?

The Husky has no guard or protection instinct and is due to this fact already a good family dog. In addition, Huskies are generally very fond of children and forgive them a lot. However, a good socialization from the beginning is an important prerequisite. As a family you have to do justice to the enormous urge to move.

What are the characteristics of a family dog

Family dogs should be friendly and have an uncomplicated nature. Especially when there are small children in the house, it is often noisy and hectic.

A family dog should not be disturbed by this hustle and bustle. He must be insensitive to loud noises and hectic running back and forth.

It is also important that a future family dog is well socialized. But this is true for all dogs. Even the Husky must be accustomed from the beginning, to all kinds of situations, noises, strange people and dogs.

However, one of the most important qualities for a family dog is that it is fond of children. It is incredibly nice for children to grow up together with dogs.

If your dog loves children and shows it through his behavior, there is nothing better. Our children lie arm in arm with our dogs in their dog beds or on the couch.

However, if you have a watchful and territorial dog, it could become problematic if you don’t stop certain behaviors from the beginning.

So with a guard dog like our Cane Corso, it could happen that he thinks he has to protect our children when they romp loudly with others in the garden. A classic guard dog might take that the wrong way.

Do Huskies like to cuddle?

Most people who are specifically looking for a family dog want a dog that they can also lay on the couch and cuddle with together. What could be better for a dog lover. But do huskies even like to cuddle?

Due to their history, huskies are very people-oriented and would prefer to always be near their pack – the people. This is because Huskies used to live very closely with people. This makes them great family dogs.

Due to the close living together of humans and dogs, it was important that the animals do not develop aggression towards humans.

For this reason, the Siberian Husky is usually always friendly and open-minded even to strangers.

This on the one hand great character trait makes him of course useless if you are looking for a watch dog but to an ideal family dog, because guests are welcome and friendly.

However, before you can relax on the couch together with your Siberian Husky, you need to exercise properly.

Is the Husky a family dog that loves children?

is a husky a child loving family dog

Huskies used to be essential for the survival of nomads. Due to this fact, they were not only a working dog but lived with them like a family member. The puppies were raised together with their own children. Thanks to this fact they are very fond of people and children.

Aggression against others was undesirable, because the sleds were not always driven by the same person.  So also only the most obedient and friendly dogs were used for breeding. 

For which families is a Husky suitable?

The Siberian Husky, as an actual sled dog, is very active. He was bred simply for physical work. The performance of a Husky makes pretty much all other dogs look like couch potatoes. 

They need to run, cycle, pull sleds, just move and work. That’s what they’re made for. My research has shown that you need to spend at least between 2 and 4 hours a day being active with your Husky. So a Husky needs a lot of exercise.

However, this does not exclusively mean a relaxing walk in the woods. One hour of walking is nothing for the husky.

When I walk our Broholmer for an hour, she lies in her dog bed for the rest of the day and only moves to eat. The husky is then just warm.

Husky is am active family dog

Of course, it can be one day less, but basically the husky needs every day exercise and workout.

In addition to physical exercise, mental exercise is also important for the Husky.

Thus, the Siberian Husky is suitable for sporty active families who like to be outside in nature, running or cycling.

Of course, it would be ideal to actively engage in the possible sports such as agility or pulling sport for the love of the dog. There are variants where the dog with a special harness and appropriate leash pulls the owner on the bike or jogging.

For active people who like jogging or cycling and preferably several times a week, and especially in winter, the Husky is the ideal family dog.

For which families the Husky is not suitable

The Husky is not suitable if you have to leave him alone for a long time. As a rule, huskies can not easily stay alone.

So it is basically a condition that there is always a family member at home or the dog is only alone for a short time. Older children are therefore an advantage.

At the same time, this has the advantage that if there are bigger children in the house, they can also go their rounds with the dog or even better jogging.

Another factor that rules out the Husky as a family dog for you is the hunting instinct. If you want to walk off-leash in the woods with your Husky and your family you should switch to another breed.

The Husky has an extreme hunting instinct. Of course there are exceptions. But from what I have read, most huskies are gone when a rabbit crosses your path. And sometimes for a longer time.

Of course, someone who doesn’t like to be active is the biggest exclusion criterion for a Husky as a family dog.

It is important to know that it is not uncommon for a Husky to trash the home if you do not exercise the breed enough.

So if you do not exercise a husky enough, especially physical exercise, or leave him alone too often and for too long, he tends to destroy things.

Conclusion: Is the Husky a family dog?

The Husky is an ideal family dog for very active people who like to spend time with their dog in nature. In addition to daily walks, the Husky needs more intense sessions such as long jogs or bike rides?

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