Is it hard to raise a Border Collie?

is it hard to train a Border Collie

The Border Collie is one of the most popular dog breeds in Germany and worldwide. When you choose a Border Collie, it is not only necessary that he gets enough exercise and activity. It is equally important to train the Border Collie sensibly so that everything works smoothly in everyday life. The question is whether it is easy or difficult to raise a Border Collie.

If there is one dog breed that makes it easy for its owner, it is the Border Collie. It is not difficult to train a Border Collie. However, the prerequisite is that you have some experience with dog training or get professional help like a dog school or a dog trainer from the beginning so that everything goes right from the start.

Is Border Collie training easy or hard?

If one dog is easy to train, it is the Border Collie. The Border Collie has an incredibly high will-to-please. The Border Collie wants to please you, and he wants to work with you.

It is genetically anchored in the Border Collie to work with or rather for humans.

The most crucial point in dog training is consistency. Consistency means that the command you give is carried out without ifs and buts.

I like to take the example with the blanket. If I send our dogs to their place, they have to go there and stay there.

When raising our Cane Corso, consistency is critical. If I give the command but do not go to the blanket, they make their own decision which weakens my position as pack leader. Depending on the breed, this can end badly.

When does the Border Collie education begin?

The education of your Border Collie starts on the first day. You have to show him from the beginning what he is allowed to do and especially what he is not allowed to do. Depending on the age, of course, other topics are in focus.

But if you let your Border Collie run around because he is so tiny and cute, and only after eight weeks do you start to train him, you can get problems.

Puppies learn behaviors from the beginning that you don’t want to see in an adult dog later on. Then, you must ensure that your puppy does not start with these behaviors.

how to train a Border Collie puppy
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Essential points in the Border Collie education!

What a Border Collie should learn or how to raise a Border Collie will probably be seen by everyone somewhere a little different. But in my opinion, there are some basic things every dog should learn.

Rest: Every dog must learn from the beginning that there are also times for rest. Especially active dog breeds, like the Border Collie, need a lot of exercises, and this is happening; puppies have to learn already that there is nothing to do.

Frustration tolerance training: All dogs, including the Border Collie, must deal with frustration. Frustration occurs, put when an expectation is not met.

Example exercise: There are many different exercises to train frustration tolerance. Since the Border Collie likes to work and walk with you, you can get dressed as usual for a walk.

Your Border Collie knows what will happen now and is probably very happy. But you don’t go for a walk with him now. You take the jacket off again and put the leash back.

This shows frustration, which your Border Collie must process and learn to deal with. But then you walk with him 30 minutes later.

Basic commands of education: Your Border Collie should know the basic commands like safe recall, reasonable walking on the leash, and sitting and down.

You can learn more about the actual training of a Border Collie in an online dog school* or in a local dog school.

Do I need to go to a dog school to train my Border Collie?

You do not need a dog school to train your Border Collie properly. However, you should know how to train a dog properly. Yelling or physical punishment is an absolute no-no.

If you are unsure how to train your Border Collie, online dog training* from a professional dog trainer or a visit to a local dog school is recommended.

Remember that mistakes you may unconsciously make with your puppy or young dog are much harder to fix later.

Consequences of wrong or no education!

If you do not train your Border Collie, it is like all dogs that they show undesirable behavior.

If you let your Border Collie run without a leash, but he does not know how to recall, you may get into trouble with other dog owners.
If your dog has never learned to deal with frustration, he may become impatient, jittery, or even aggressive in certain situations.
In short, living with an untrained Border Collie is not lovely but exhausting.
A well-trained Border Collie is a great family dog for active people.

Conclusion: Border Collie training

To train a Border Collie is easy. Because the Border Collie wants one thing, to please you. The basics to raise a Border Collie into a great dog are there. The important thing is that you A: know what to do and B: do it.

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