Is a Labrador a large breed

is a labrador a large breed

The Labrador is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. For many, the size of a dog is a decisive factor. In this article I will talk about whether a Labrador is a large breed and how big a Labrador gets.

According to the official standard, the Labrador is not a large breed but a medium-sized dog. Labrador males reach a weight of 29 – 36 kg (64-80 lbs) with a height at withers of 56 – 57 cm (22-23 inches) and females reach a weight of 25 – 32 kg (55-70 lbs) with a height at withers of 54 – 56 cm (21-22 inches).

When is a Labrador fully grown?

A Labrador grows fastest in the first few months. He reaches 90% of his final size at about only 7 to 8 months. At 12 months, the Labrador reaches 90% of its final weight.

A Labrador is fully grown at about 18 months and has reached its full size as well as its final weight.

Labradors are known for the fact that they can and want to eat all the time. Basically, you need to make sure that your Labrador does not get too fat, otherwise this will have negative effects on the joints and bones.

Especially in the growth phase your Labrador should rather be a bit too slim than too fat. The bones and joints develop slower than your Labrador gains weight.

If there is too much weight on the joints in the first few months, there is a good chance that your Lab will have problems as he gets older.

Unfortunately, dogs that are too fat are usually Labradors or Golden Retrievers.

How big is a full grown Labrador?

A Labrador is between 21-23 inches (54 and 57 cm) tall when fully grown. Males are slightly larger than females and reach an average height of 22-23 inches (56-57 cm), while females are only 21-22 inches (54-56 cm).

The size always refers to the height at withers – not to the head height.

The height at withers is measured from the front legs straight up to the highest point at the neck and shoulder.

The total size, if you include the head, is a little bit bigger.

The following table should give an approximate overview of the size of a Labrador. The values serve only as a rough orientation. Because individual outliers can occur upwards or also downwards.

Age LabradorHeight at withers (approx.)
1 month6,0 inches / 16 cm
2 months8,5 inches / 22 cm
3 months11,0 inches / 28 cm
4 months14,0 inches / 36 cm
5 months16,0 inches / 41 cm
6 months18,0 inches / 46 cm
7 months19,5 inches 50 cm
8 months20,5 inches 52 cm
9 months20,8 inches 53 cm
10 months21,0 inches / 54 cm
11 months21,5 inches / 55 cm
12 months22,0 inches 56 cm

What is the weight of a Labrador?

According to the official standard, a Labrador can weigh between 55-79 lbs (25 and 36 kg). The males settle here between 64 and 79 lbs (29 and 36 kg) and the females between 55 and 70 lbs (25 and 32 kg).

Of course, these are only average values and there can always be deviations up or down. There are very small males or also very large and heavy females.

Depending on how big or small the respective Labrador is, this can be an exclusion criterion for breeding, as one tries to breed puppies that are within the standard.

The following table should give an overview of the weight by month:

Age LabradorWeight MaleWeight Female
1 month
2 months13-17 lbs (6-7,5 kg)11-15 lbs (5 – 6,5 kg)
3 months24-29 lbs (11-13 kg)20-24 lbs (9-11 kg)
4 months33-37 lbs (15-17 kg)26-35 lbs (12-16 kg)
5 months40-46 lbs (18-21 kg)33-41 lbs (15-19 kg)
6 months41-55 lbs (19-25 kg)37-46 lbs (17-21 kg)
7 months50-57 lbs (23-26 kg)41-48 lbs (19-22 kg)
8 months53-60 lbs (24-27 kg)44-53 lbs (20-24 kg)
9 months53-61 lbs (24-28 kg)46-55 lbs (21-25 kg)
10 months55-66 lbs (25-30 kg)48-57 lbs (22-26 kg)
11 months55-68 lbs (25-31 kg)48-60 lbs (22-27 kg)
12 months57-70 lbs (26-32 kg)50-61 lbs (23-28 kg)
2 years64-79 lbs (29-36 kg)55-70 lbs (25-32 kg)
is a labrador a large breed

Actual size and weight of the Labrador

I have searched in various forums and found the following sizes which partly differ from the standard.

  • Labrador male: 63 cm – 38 kg
  • Labrador male: 58 cm – 38 kg
  • Labrador female: 54 cm – 23 kg
  • Labrador female: 54 cm – 32 kg
  • Labrador female: 55 cm – 34 kg
  • Labrador male: 64 cm – 34 kg
  • Labrador male: 59 cm – 39 kg
  • Labrador female: 54 cm – 25 kg

As you can see, the males are even often bigger than the official standard – if measured correctly.

So you can’t say beforehand exactly how large a labrador will actually become at the end. But if you see the parents of the puppy you have at least a rough direction.

If the parents are rather large representatives of the breed, you can assume that your Labrador puppy will also be rather large.

Can you keep a Labrador in the apartment?

Many people think that a dog needs a garden. Especially large or even medium-sized dogs like the Labrador can only be kept if the dog has direct access to a garden.

However, this is not true. A Labrador does not need a garden. A Labrador needs a lot of exercise and activity in nature to lie exhausted and satisfied in his dog bed afterwards.

A garden is usually not a criterion to keep a dog reasonably. There are of course exceptions, such as the St. Bernard or the Boerboel.

Frequently asked questions

Does a Labrador bark a lot?

If you are looking for a dog that barks relatively little, the Labrador is the right choice. Normally a Labrador does not bark much. Of course, too little exercise and activity can lead to a Labrador barking more out of boredom or frustration.

How much does a Labrador shed?

A Labrador sheds relatively heavily. He has undercoat and a very dense coat which protects him from cold and wet. Because of its dense coat, a Labrador can go into the water in winter.

How often can you Labrador bathe?

A Labrador may bathe every day without shampoo. Sometimes it is even necessary, because a Labrador likes to jump into every mud hole. If you want or need to use a special dog shampoo you should limit it to every 2 months.

Conclusion: Is a Labrador a large breed?

A Labrador is officially considered a medium sized breed not than a large breed. With an official maximum height at the withers of 22,5 inches (57 cm), male dogs can reach a weight of 79 lbs (36 kg). Females can reach a height of 22 inches (56 cm) and weigh 70 lbs (32 kg). Of course, there are deviations, especially upwards. Many Labradors are significantly heavier and often larger.

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