How often can you bathe a Labrador?

bathe a Labrador

You have a Labrador who loves to jump into any mud hole, roll in the carrion on the lawn and you want to know how often you can bathe a Labrador?

The Labrador can be bathed as often as necessary if you do not use shampoo. You should use a shampoo no more than every 2 months or even less often. Shampoo can destroy the natural protective film of the coat and therefore should be used only in exceptions. Of course, shampoo is useful if your Labrador stinks so badly that he cannot get rid of the stench with water alone. It is important that you then use a special dog shampoo!

Does a Labrador need to be bathed?

A Labrador does not need to be bathed. He has a short but dense and water-repellent coat. His coat, perfectly adapted to the cold and wet, has the disadvantage that the Labrador sheds a lot.

The Labrador’s coat is protected by a natural layer of grease that repels moisture and dirt. Usually lighter dirt or dust simply fall off or you can simply brush out the dry fur.

Since your Labrador likes to swim, when he comes out of a mud hole, you can send him to swim in a lake, if possible. Maybe then bathing will become unnecessary.

When does a Labrador need to be bathed?

The Labrador originally comes from the island of Newfoundland. There he was bred as a working dog and helped the fishermen with their daily work, at and in the water.

So they love water and never miss a pond.

For this reason, unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the Labrador to jump into a mud hole, puddle or pond. Unfortunately, rolling in dead animals is not uncommon either.

So if your Labrador jumps into a mud hole or even worse rolls in a dead animal , even a Labrador needs to be bathed with shampoo because you just can’t get rid of the dirt and especially the stench.

Another point why a bath is necessary in these cases is the bacteria that are on your dog when he has rolled in a dead animal.

With heavy soiling, simply brushing the dirt out is not enough.

So you can remember: a Labrador needs to be bathed as often as necessary but as little as possible.

how often dcan you bathe a labrador

How should you bathe a Labrador?

As mentioned earlier, if the dog is lightly soiled, try simply brushing out the dirt as soon as it dries.

However, if this is not possible because your Labrador has actually rolled in a mud hole in the field, try bathing or showering him with water only first.

If this is not enough, use a special dog shampoo in exceptional cases. Be sure to use a dog shampoo no more than every 2 months.

So, the skin and the fur has enough time to regenerate.

Even if the shampoo is for dogs, each time the natural fat layer is attacked and destroyed in the long run. 

How often can Labrador puppies be bathed?

Until your Labrador is 3 months old, you should not bathe him at all. The protective fat layer on the skin and coat is not yet fully developed and can easily attacked.

Even if there is extra puppy shampoo, you should avoid bathing with extra puppy shampoo if possible.

Bathing with or without shampoo?

If possible, you should always bathe your Labrador without shampoo. Since your Labrador loves to swim, you can also replace bathing with swimming in a lake or river.

Due to the special coat characteristics and origin, a Labrador can go into the water even in winter, if it is not too cold or he does not stay in it too long.

In exceptional cases, of course, you can use a special dog shampoo.

Why extra dog shampoo?

If you need a shampoo in exceptional cases, you must use an extra dog shampoo. Under no circumstances you should use your shampoo or shower gel and bathe the dog with it.

Dogs have a different skin PH value. For humans it is 5.5 and for your Labrador it is between 7 and 8.

A PH value of 7 is neutral, below that is acidic.

If you use a shampoo for humans to bathe your Labrador, you will destroy the protective film on the skin and coat even faster.

Tips to bathe a Labrador

Even if your Labrador likes swimming and loves water, the situation in the shower can frighten him. Either because he does not know the room or because he has never been in the tub or shower.

With the following tips you can make bathing easier for your Labrador

Accustom him to the bathroom and the bathtub

Put your Labbi already as a puppy occasionally in the tub or shower WITHOUT turning on the water. Praise him when he stays calmly in it.

Ensure safety

A non-slip tub liner is absolutely necessary. When you first put your Labrador in the tub to shower him off, he may be startled and slip in the slippery tub. This can traumatize him for future baths.

Conclusion: How often can a Labrador bathe?

You may bathe your Labrador when necessary. Since a Labrador rolls in the mud much more often and loves every puddle, you are dealing with a breed that needs a bath much more often than other breeds.

If your Labbi is too dirty to simply brush off, try bathing him with water only at first to avoid unnecessarily attacking the greasy layer on his skin and coat with dog shampoo. In exceptions, of course, you can use a dog shampoo, but if possible, at most every 2 months. (Contributed image)


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