How much exercise does a Jack Russell need?

do jack russells need a lot of exercise

Most people think that small dogs need less exercise than big ones. For this reason, some people buy a small Jack Russell Terrier. But is this a wise decision? How much exercise does a Jack Russell Terrier need, we clarify in this article.

Even if the Jack Russell is a small dog, it remains a terrier. They have energy without end. A Jack Russell Terrier needs with 2 to 3 hours a day relatively much exercise. Besides normal walks and running sessions, the Jack Russell loves to play. If you don’t give a Jack Russell enough he will quickly become a yapper.


  • Origin: Great Britain
  • Life expectancy: 13 – 16 years
  • Size: 25 – 30 cm
  • Weight: 6,4 – 8,2 KG
  • Uses: Family dog, companion dog, hunting dog
  • Coat length / Coat color: Smooth Rough-haired or mop-haired, white with black and/or brown markings
  • Character: lively, friendly, alert, intelligent

Does a Jack Russell need a lot of exercise?

If you want to know if a Jack Russell needs a lot of exercise, all you have to do is look at what it was originally used for.

The Jack Russell Terrier comes from Great Britain and was originally used as a hunting dog.

Among other things, they targeted vermin such as rats in horse stables. They protected chickens, pigeons and rabbits from foxes and martens. It is still used for this purpose today.

He is sent into the foxhole to chase the fox out. These tasks demand independent thinking from the breed. This is exactly what you notice with Jacky from time to time. He has a mind of his own.

So the Jack Russell is a dog that works independently, often on a farm. They have energy, just like most terriers, and they need to get rid of it.

With less than 2 hours of exercise a day Jack Russell will not be happy. The Jack Russell can be compared with the Border Collie, which also needs a lot of exercise.

How to exercise a Jack Russell Terrier

With a Jack Russell you can do almost anything to keep him physically busy and tire him out


The basis for all dogs is varied and interesting walks. Give your Jack Russell Terrier enough time to sniff and dig.

Since you need to exercise your Jack Russell even in winter it is recommended to buy your Jack Russell a coat.


Additionally, dog sports such as agility are ideal to keep your little athlete busy.


In Frisbee for dogs, you throw at a Frisbee for dogs in a field, and your Jacky runs after it, ideally trying to snatch it in mid-air and bring it back.


Even though the Jack Russell is small, you can very well take it with you on your running sessions.


Another great way to really exercise your Jack Russell physically is to have him run alongside your bike.

Tug games:

Tug games with a rope or a ball on a string are also a welcome activity for the Jack Russell Terrier.

The Jack Russell loves anything that involves action. They like to get physical and run around.

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Keep Jack Russell mentally busy

In parallel to physical exercise, it is important to keep your Jack Russell mentally busy as well.

Besides basic obedience, i.e. learning and executing commands like sit, down, heel, you can also teach your Jack Russell all kinds of tricks very well.

In Germany, a jack Russell won the TV show “Supertalent” in one year.

how much exercise does a Jack Russel need
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For whom is the Jack Russell suitable?

The Jack Russell Terrier is a classic terrier. They have energie!!!

However, the cute appearance and small body size often cause this breed to be underestimated and end up with owners who can not cope with him.

The Jack Russell is for active people who like to spend time in nature and be out and about with their dog.

Of course, the Jack Russell is also perfect for a farm where he can chase mice, rats and whatever else all day long.

The Jack Russell Terrier is in no way a dog suitable for granny who is looking for a dog with which she can go for aThe Jack Russell Terrier is by no means a dog suitable for a grandma who is looking for a dog with whom she can go for a relaxed walk 2 times a day.

The Jack Russell is a great family dog and can also be a great quiet dog in the evening with the right amount of exercise during the day.

However, consistent training is the basic prerequisite. A NO must always mean and remain a NO. The intelligent dog will otherwise very quickly take the lead.

Signs of too little exercise

If your Jack Russell has too little exercise or activity, he will very quickly show behavioral problems. How do most people describe a Jack Russell? As a little yapper!

With many Jackies this is unfortunately the result of too little exercise, because he is often underestimated.

Signs of too little exercise can be the following:

  • excessive barking or yapping
  • aggressive behavior towards other dogs or people
  • nervous running around

Conclusion: How much exercise does a Jack Russell need?

The Jack Russell needs a relatively large amount of exercise. At least 2 better 3 hours of active exercise in the form of long walks, running together or cycling are perfect for everyday life.

If you then do sports like agility or frisbee with the Jack Russell dog, the little terrier is satisfied and relaxed in the evening. (Contributing image)


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