How much exercise does a Boston Terrier need?

how much exercise does a boston terrier need

Before you get a Boston Terrier you should take a closer look at the breed and its needs. Just because it’s a small dog doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a lot of exercise. We will discuss how much exercise a Boston Terrier needs in this article.

The Boston Terrier needs an average of 60 minutes of exercise and activity in the form of walks, play sessions, and mental activity per day. If the Boston Terrier does not get enough exercise, behavioral problems can occur.

Does a Boston Terrier need a lot of exercise?

The Boston Terrier needs on average 1 hour (60 minutes) of exercise and activity per day. Sometimes more sometimes less.

If you exercise him regularly, he will forgive you even if you have less time sometimes because you are sick or it is just extremely bad weather. A dog does not need a garden, but then it can be an advantage.

It always depends on the overall view. We all have important appointments or are sick sometimes. If your Boston Terrier is always happy and busy in the long run, he won’t mind a day off in between.

How much activity does a Boston Terrier puppy need?

Boston Terrier puppies have much lower exercise and activity needs than adult dogs.

As a rough guideline, you can assume that a puppy needs about 5 minutes of exercise and activity per month of life.

This means that you can take your 3 month old puppy for a walk for about 15 minutes at a time. Of course, you can do this 2 times a day.

Of course, your puppy will move around much longer and run around the house, garden or apartment. But that is not the point.

It’s about controlled walks or training sessions where your Boston Terrier puppy is not only physically active, but also has to learn and process new things.

For example, when you take your Boston Terrier puppy for a walk, let him sniff everywhere and explore the world.

All the smells of other dogs, among other things, or the encounters with other dogs are new and processing these situations takes strength.

You will notice that after a short time your puppy is tired and exhausted from all the impressions.

Another reason why you should not overwork your puppy is that the bones and joints are still growing.

If you overwork your Boston Terrier too early, it can damage the bones and joints in the long run.

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How often does a Boston Terrier need to be walked?

You should ideally walk your Boston Terrier at least 2 times a day.

The Boston Terrier is not a long distance runner because of his short nose and for this reason it is better to take several shorter walks than one long one.

In my opinion, it’s important that your dog doesn’t just walk dully alongside you and you somehow get the 30 minutes finished.

Unfortunately, I see many dog owners who do not take time for their dogs.

Ideally, your dog can run off leash and has time to sniff and poke. That is what makes a walk interesting and keeps a Boston Terrier busy.

If your dog can’t walk off-leash, get a drag line of 10 yards or more and give your dog the space he needs.

Of course, this does not have to be on every walk. But in between your dog must be allowed to be a dog.

How long can a Boston Terrier walk?

The Boston Terrier, like the French Bulldog, needs shorter but more frequent walks. They, like all breeds with short noses, have difficulty breathing.

30 minutes is a good guideline for a walk.

Especially in the summer you should be careful that your Boston Terrier does not overheat. Dogs in general can sweat very little and regulate their body temperature mainly by panting.

To protect your Boston Terrier from heat in summer, you should avoid walks in the midday heat. Also, more intense sessions such as Frisbee or agility should be suspended or minimized during the hot months.

Move your walks to early morning or evening when it’s not so hot. A walk in the woods where the trees provide cooler shade is also recommended.

Activities with the Boston Terrier?

I have picked out a few activities to keep your Boston Terrier busy.


The classic walk is always the foundation. You should walk your Boston Terrier at least once a day. Long walks are rather unsuitable, as they may have problems with breathing.

But 30 minutes (+-) in nature, through a forest or open meadows are perfect to spend time with your Boston Terrier.


The Boston Terrier loves to retrieve or chase and catch a ball or frisbee. Even if they are not marathon runners, short intensive sessions in between are just the right thing.


Agility is another way to keep your little Boston Terrier physically and mentally busy.


If you are walking in summer, swimming in the lake can be a welcome change and cooling at the same time.

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Mental occupation

In addition to physical exercise, it’s important that you challenge a Boston terrier mentally. Basic obedience as well as learning tricks are ideal and tire out the Boston Terrier.

Why does a Boston Terrier need a lot of exercise?

If the Boston Terrier doesn’t get enough exercise and activity in the long run, he can show negative behavior that you don’t want to see.

The Boston Terrier generally does not tend to bark a lot. However, frustration and boredom due to too little activity can cause him to bark significantly more.

But too little exercise can also result in destructiveness. So if you don’t want your Boston Terrier to chew up your shoes or furniture, make sure he has enough to do.

Besides the symptoms mentioned above due to boredom and frustration, sufficient exercise is important for the health.

Walks and play sessions are important to burn off excess energy and keep your Boston Terrier from becoming overweight.

Dogs that have respiratory problems in general should not exacerbate this with excess weight.

Related questions:

Can you run with a Boston Terrier?

The Boston Terrier is not the ideal dog for running or cycling. Short distances are certainly possible, as they are energetic dogs. But as a constant companion in sports, the Boston Terrier is not the right choice.

Does a Boston Terrier need exercise every day?

Basically, a Boston Terrier, just like any other dog needs exercise every day. But if in the long run there is always enough exercise and activity, it is not tragic if he comes out one day only to pee and does not get a real walk.

Is the Boston Terrier a “torture breed”?

The Boston Terrier can be described as a “torture breed” because of the “brachycephaly”. This means short-headedness and leads to breathing problems. Since the head shape is optically “desired”, but the dog gets health problems, one can speak of “torture breeding”.

Conclusion: How much exercise does a Boston Terrier need?

The Boston Terrier needs on average 1 hour of exercise and activity per day. Walks, play sessions but also education should be the basis to keep your dog busy. Too little exercise will lead to frustration in the long run and can cause health problems.

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