How much does a Leonberger shed? (+grooming tipps)

how much does a leonberger shed

If you’re interested in the Leonberger and want to know how much they shed, you’ve come to the right place. The Leonberger is a large breed of dog from Germany with a long, thick coat. In this article I will go into more detail about how much does a Leonberger shed and other aspects of grooming.

The Leonberger is a heavily shedding dog breed. They have a dense top coat and a soft undercoat. Unfortunately, they shed all year round and not a little. Twice a year, during the coat change it gets really much again. Due to the long coat, the Leonberger must be brushed regularly.


  • Classification: FCI Group 2, Pinscher and Schnauzer – Molosser – Swiss Mountain Dogs and other breeds.
  • Origin: Germany
  • Life expectancy: 8 – 10 years
  • Size: males 72 – 80 cm, females 65-75 cm
  • Weight: males 48 – 75 kg, females 41 – 59 kg.
  • Usage: watchdog, companion and family dog
  • Coat length: long, dense coat
  • Coat color: lion yellow, red, reddish brown, sandy with black mask
  • Character: good-natured, fond of children, loyal, watchful

Does a Leonberger shed a lot?

The Leonberger has a long, dense and water-repellent top coat and soft undercoat. Like most dogs with a lot of fur, the Leonberger sheds a lot.

It is especially extreme in the spring and fall, during the coat change.

Why does a Leonberger shed a lot?

The first reason is relatively easy but also logical.

The Leonberger is a big dog with a lot of hair. So he can also lose a lot of hair. Old hairs die and are replaced by new ones. And where there are many hairs, many hairs must be replaced.

There are only a few dogs that do not shed. For example, in many terriers that do not shed, you have to remove the dead hairs by trimming, because they do not lose them by themselves. Nevertheless, in a certain way a change of coat takes place.

Another reason why the Leonberger sheds a lot is its undercoat. Dog breeds with dense undercoat undergo a coat change in spring and fall to prepare for the coming season.

In the spring they shed their warm winter coat for the upcoming summer and in the fall they shed their thinner summer coat and get their warm dense winter coat.

Dogs with little or no undercoat do not have this and therefore shed less.

Is a Leonberger suitable for allergy sufferers?

The Leonberger is not suitable for allergy sufferers. Allergic people react less to the hair of a dog, but to the protein compounds in saliva and urine that are on the hair.

The more a dog sheds, the more contact you have with the dog hair. They are on the furniture, clothes and fly around the room. A dog with a lot of hair is therefore very unsuitable for allergy sufferers. 

does a leonberger shed a lot
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How much grooming does a Leonberger need?

The coat care of a Leonberger is more time-consuming than with many other breeds. This is of course due to the length of the coat and the fact that the Leonberger is a large dog with a lot of fur.

The fur can collect a lot of dirt, leaves and other things. For this reason, the Leonberger should be brushed out thoroughly at least once a week, otherwise matting can form quickly.

If you notice matting, it is best to brush it out immediately to prevent worse.

Matted fur can be painful for your dog and must be shaved off in an emergency.

Especially during the change of coat you should support your Leonberger and brush him extra thoroughly and also more often.

How to remove tangles?

If you notice matting and can’t brush it out, here are some ways to remove the matting from your Leonberger’s coat:

Use your fingers and gently try to pull the tangles apart. Once the knot is untangled, you can brush out the rest well.

If you brush your Leonberger regularly, you should quickly notice smaller tangles that can be easily removed.

If it is not possible to remove the felts, because they are too big and too tight, you can only use the scissors. Cut the matted pieces away from the skin. Then the brushing out will be better possible.

Make sure that you always hold the matted pieces well and do not pull on the skin.

If this is also no longer possible, only the shearing of the corresponding area helps.

Preventing matting

Instead of having to tediously remove matted areas, you should rather try to prevent them as good as possible.

Brush your Leonberger regularly to remove dead hair and dirt and prevent matting. It is better to brush once more than once too little.

Feed your Leonberger wisely. Good dog food has an impact on coat condition. If your dog is not well fed and only gets cheap food that contains poor nutrients, he tends to mat faster than a dog that is well fed.

Best dog brushes for the Leonberger (longhaired breeds)

The following tools will help with coat care

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For whom is a Leonberger suitable?

The Leonberger is ideal as a family dog. They are good-natured, fond of children but also vigilant

They have a high threshold of irritation. Especially when dealing with children, the gentle giant shows his great nature. Loud screaming of children does not bring him from the rest.

Due to his lively and curious nature he enjoys the contact with children and likes to play along for hours. His innate guarding instinct qualifies him as a perfect watchdog.

The great advantage of this breed is that in case of danger or intruders, they remain calm and do not become aggressive. Due to their imposing appearance, they do not need to.

The education of a Leonberger will not cause great problems to beginners who approach the matter with calmness and patience. Leonberger are very self-confident but show a good “Will-To-Please” .

It is of course essential that you know theoretically what you are doing. Completely unprepared no one should try to educate any dog.

Whoever acquires a Leonberger must have time and patience for the weekly, sometimes several times a week, grooming.

In addition, one should not be bothered by dog hair in the apartment and on clothing.

Conclusion: Does a Leonberger shed?

Yes, the Leonberger does shed a lot. It is a big dog with a lot of fur which it sheds all year round. 2 times a year it gets really heavy during the coat change. So regular coat care is a must to prevent matting.


I am Marco and I have the pleasure of living with 3 large Mastiff-type dog breeds. I would like to share my dog-related experiences on this blog

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