How much does a Bernese Mountain Dog shed?

how much exercise does a Bernese Mountain dog need

Before you buy a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog, you should think about whether you can cope with the hair, especially during the change of coat, and whether you can ensure regular grooming. You should get more information about how much does a Bernese Mountain Dog shed.

Bernese Mountain Dogs shed a lot. This is because they are very large dogs with a lot of fur. Especially in the times of the coat change they lose even more hair to prepare for the coming season with either the winter or summer coat.

Here you can find more information about how much a Bernese Mountain Dog sheds and get tips on grooming.

Why do Bernese Mountain Dogs shed

Bernese Mountain Dogs shed for the same reason most dogs do. There is a constant renewal process taking place. Old hair dies, falls out and new hair grows back. This is a completely natural process and perfectly normal.

Now the Bernese Mountain Dog is a large dog with a lot of fur. Consequently, a Bernese Mountain Dog sheds more than a dog with less fur or than small dogs. There is simply more fur which is constantly renewed. It is as simple as that.

When do Bernese Mountain Dogs shed much?

The large Bernese Mountain Dog sheds throughout the year. However, the time during the coat change is particularly extreme.

In the spring, the dog sheds its winter coat in preparation for the warmer months. It is basically like us, after all, we take off the winter jacket and exchange it for a thinner jacket for the spring and summer.

In the fall, the Bernese Mountain Dog, then loses his thinner summer coat and gets back his dense, warming winter coat.

Overview by seasons

  • In spring, the Bernese Mountain Dog loses its winter coat and changes to its summer coat. This is the time when your dog sheds the most.
  • In summer, usually only the normal renewal process of dead hair takes place. So your dog loses less hair.
  • Autumn is the time when your Bernese Mountain Dog loses more hair again. He loses his thinner summer coat and changes to the dense winter coat. However, he does not shed as much as in spring (there is less hair).
  • In winter the normal coat change takes place again and your dog sheds less again – but he still sheds.

If you have a dog with long hair, you need a good vacuum cleaner.

how much does a Bernese Mountain Dog shed

Bernese mountain dog shedding extremely?

Does your Bernese mountain dog shed extremely? More than normal?

This could be due to the following reasons that you should check:


Maybe you have changed the food and your dog is allergic to certain ingredients? Allergies can lead to increased hair loss.

Nutrient deficiency

If your dog is not supplied with enough good and healthy nutrients, it is possible that he will shed more. This can become more noticeable as your dog ages. Make sure your Bernese Mountain Dog gets a good dog food to minimize hair loss.

Does your dog have enough omega 3 fatty acids, biotin and zinc? These nutrients specifically support skin, hair and bones.

I can recommend the following products as a supplement to the daily food

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Stress is not good for dogs either and usually has negative effects on health. A wide variety of situations can stress dogs. Too little exercise and mental occupation can cause stress in a Bernese Mountain Dog in the long run which can lead to increased hair.

Offer your Bernese Mountain Dog enough activity.

But also the fact if your dog has to stay alone too long every day can be stressful. A Bernese Mountain Dog does not like to stay alone.

Diseases, fungi, mites

If you are sure that your Bernese Mountain Dog is fine and there is nothing wrong with him, you should do a check-up at the vet. Excessive hair can also be a symptom of a disease.

Bernese Mountain Dog grooming

You may think that grooming a Bernese Mountain Dog is complicated and time-consuming because of its longer coat. However, this is not the case. Regular brushing, 1 time a week, is usually sufficient.

Failure to do so can result in matting and knots which can lead to skin problems.

However, if your Bernese Mountain Dog is in the coat change, i.e. in spring and autumn, the care is a little more complex. Then it is recommended to brush the dog thoroughly every day or at least every 2 days.

The advantage of regular brushing is that you remove the loose hairs and your dog will not lose them in the apartment or in the house.

Grooming tools for the Bernese Mountain Dog

To make life easier for you and your Bernese Mountain Dog, you need to brush him regularly. I can recommend the following products for coat care:

Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush

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Is it allowed to shave a Bernese Mountain Dog?

Basically, you should not save a Bernese Mountain Dog. The coat consists of 2 layers. The longer top coat protects the Bernese Mountain Dog from wetness, wind, dirt and sun. The soft undercoat keeps your dog warm.

If you shave your Bernese Mountain Dog now, you take away his natural protection. There is a risk that your Bernese Mountain Dog will get burned in the summer, or get wet to the skin when it rains.

If you are often out in the woods, of course, he may get hurt because he jumps through the undergrowth as usual but no longer has a protective top coat.

BUT! Of course, you always have to look at both sides and weigh the pros and cons.

In a summer when it is very hot and your dog is struggling because of the heat, it can make sense to shave your Bernese Mountain Dog.

It is important that you do not shave your Bernese Mountain Dog completely down to the skin, of course, but leave a certain length that will continue to provide protection from the sun and wetness.

Especially older dogs, which have more problems with the heat anyway, can be particularly affected.

A conversation with your vet and a professional dog groomer can help you there.

Sometimes you just have to choose the lesser of two evils to best help your dog and make life easier. There is not always only right or wrong.

Bernese Mountain Dog and allergy sufferers

If you are allergic to dog hair, you should definitely stay away from a Bernese Mountain Dog.

On the hairs themselves one reacts rather less allergic. It is much more about the protein compounds in the saliva, which are of course also on the hair.

Now, if your Bernese Mountain Dog sheds and this hair is then on the furniture and your clothes, you automatically come into contact with it and react accordingly.

Conclusion: How much hair does a Bernese Mountain Dog shed?

A Bernese Mountain Dog will shed throughout the year. Since it is a large dog with a lot of fur, it naturally sheds a relatively large amount of hair.

Especially during the coat change in spring and fall, the Bernese Mountain Dog sheds particularly heavily and needs more care.

A bad, nutrient-poor diet or even excessive stress can increase shedding.

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