How much do Golden Retrievers shed? (Reasons + Solutions)

how much do Golden Retrievers shed

Golden Retrievers are among the most popular family dogs in the world. They are intelligent, love children, and look great. However, if someone has problems with dog hair and is wondering how much golden retrievers shed before purchasing them, they have come to the right place. In this article, I go into more detail about shedding.

Do Golden Retrievers shed a lot? Yes, Golden Retrievers shed relatively heavily. They shed throughout the year. This is a normal process. Old, dead hair falls out so new hair can grow back. Twice a year, in spring and autumn, there is an additional shedding process during which the Golden Retriever sheds extremely.

Do Golden Retrievers shed a lot?

Golden Retrievers shed like most dogs. Old dead hair falls out so new hair can grow back. Goldies are large dogs and have a relatively large amount of fur.

If you have a lot of furs, you will shed a lot of fur. For this reason alone, Golden Retrievers shed a lot of hair. They have dense undercoats and semi-long topcoats.

The semi-long top coat has a protective layer that protects the Golden Retriever from wetness and dirt. For this reason, you should bathe your Golden Retriever with as little as possible dog shampoo if you use dog shampoo.

It sounds banal, but a small dog that sheds just as much naturally sheds less hair because it simply has less.

When do Golden Retrievers shed particularly heavily?

Golden Retrievers shed throughout the year. But twice a year, Golden Retrievers shed especially heavily. That’s during the spring and fall shedding seasons.

Twice a year, Golden Retrievers prepare for the coming season. They shed their dense winter coat in the spring to prepare for the warm summer, and in the fall, they shed their thinner summer coat, and the thick and warm winter coat grows back.

So Golden Retrievers shed especially heavily in the spring and lose most of their coat.

Why do Golden Retrievers shed excessively?

In addition to normal shedding, your Golden Retriever may shed more than usual. The following reasons could be the cause:

Cheap dog food.

The most important thing is that your dog gets high-quality dog food and provides him with all the nutrients optimally.

If you feed cheap food with a lot of low-quality ingredients, it can happen that your Golden Retriever will shed more than usual.

This is like us. If you feed poorly, it will also show in possible impure skin, greasy hair, etc.


It doesn’t always have to be cheap food that causes your Golden Retriever to shed a lot. He can also react to specific components.

Some dogs can only tolerate fish, for example. Whether your dog has allergies or food intolerances can best be determined by your veterinarian.


Stress is always unhealthy and can lead to increased hair loss in the Golden Retriever. A variety of situations can cause stress.

If your Goldie has to stay too long, it can cause stress and lead to excessive hair.

Golden Retrievers need plenty of exercises. Too little exercise and activity can cause stress in the long run.


Is your Golden Retriever possibly sick and shedding a lot because of it? Diseases can cause excessive shedding. It is best to talk to your veterinarian and have your Goldie examined.


Mites, fleas, or ticks can be the cause of excessive shedding. If your Golden Retriever is scratching more often and gets dry skin and hair loss, vermin may be the reason.

Golden Retrievers shed a lot

Solutions against excessive hair

If your Golden Retriever starts shedding, here are some things you can do to minimize the shedding. Be aware, however, that you can’t completely stop it. A Golden Retriever will shed.

Brush regularly

By brushing regularly, you can remove much of the hair that your dog would lose. For example, if you’re on a walk in the woods, take 10 minutes and give your Goldie a good brushing.

Every hair he leaves in the forest, he will not lose in your home. I can recommend the Bluepet dog brush*.

Good dog food

Feed your dog with high-quality dog food. Dogs are carnivores and need food with high meat content.

Terms like animal by-products, animal protein, or similar are descriptions for garbage and sound better than slaughterhouse waste, beaks, and claws. If the food contains real meat, it also stands on it.

You also don’t need to think that your vet can always recommend good dog food. As with human doctors, nutrition is not at the top of the timetable.

If they are not particularly concerned with it, the general recommendations will come from the brands also advertised in every practice. In my opinion, this is not entirely independent.

I think the dog food from Orijen* is currently one of the best on the market.

Feed supplements

Besides good dog food, supporting your dog with valuable food supplements is recommended.

First of all, I can recommend brewer’s yeast*. Brewer’s yeast contains a lot of vitamin B, which supports the coat change, reduces excessive hair, and provides a beautiful, shiny coat.

Besides brewer’s yeast, essential fatty acids are important for your Golden Retriever. Omega 3 ensures healthy skin and a beautiful, healthy coat. We recommend the fish oil from Pet-honestly*. Qualitatively and price-wise, it is not to be beaten.

Due to the poor feeding of fattening animals, there is less and less good Omega 3 in the meat. Supplementation is therefore highly recommended.

Allergy causes shedding

Have your Golden Retriever tested for possible food allergies at the vet, and then choose a suitable food.

Golden Retrievers shed a lot because of too much stress

Avoid unnecessary stress with your Golden Retriever. Please do not leave your Golden Retriever alone for 8 hours daily, and ensure he has enough exercise and activity.

Conclusion: Do Golden Retrievers shed a lot?

Yes, Golden Retrievers shed pretty heavily. They shed old dead hair throughout the year so that new hair can grow back. This is because it is a big dog with a lot of hair. Twice a year, though, it gets a lot – when they change their coat. Daily brushing can help and speed things up, though.

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