How much do French Bulldogs bark? (+Tips to minimize it)

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Depending on the living situation, it can be important to know whether a dog barks a lot or not. If you live in an apartment with direct neighbors, you will probably have problems sooner or later if the dog barks all the time. In this article I will discuss whether French Bulldogs bark a lot or not.

French Bulldogs do not tend to bark much. However, there are certain reasons that can cause French Bulldogs to bark more than normal. This is the case, for example, when the French Bulldog has too little exercise. So a reasonably exercised French Bulldog is ideal for people who live in an apartment.

Do French Bulldogs bark a lot?

Barking is a form of communication used by dogs.

However, there are breeds that naturally bark more than others. For example, because they were bred specifically for hunting and they are supposed to flush out game by barking. So it is part of their job.

Or if they are watchdogs, barking to attract attention to strangers or other things.

One reason why the French Bulldog is so popular, besides its looks, is the fact that it does not bark much. If you are looking for a dog that does not bark much, the French Bulldog is the right choice.

Of course, French Bulldogs also bark in between to communicate.

French Bulldogs are currently one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Everyone loves the little Frenchi and basically it fits everyone. Be it a family dog, office dog or a dog for a small apartment.

Reasons why your French Bulldog barks a lot

However, if you do not keep your French Bulldog sensibly, you can expect behavioral problems. One reaction when your bulldog is not doing well may be increased barking.

Too little exercise / boredom

The main reason why dogs bark more often than normal is when they don’t have enough exercise and activity. In short, they are bored. This is also true for the Frenchie.

Of course, if the French Bulldog has too little exercise and activity, they may bark more often than normal.

French Bulldogs bark because they are left alone too long

Dogs are pack animals and love to be near their owners all the time. The French Bulldog is no exception.

However, if the French Bulldog is taught to stay alone slowly and sensibly from the beginning, it is sometimes possible to leave the French Bulldog alone.

There is no guarantee with any dog, however, that this will always work. If you have to leave your French Bulldog alone for too long and constantly, she may develop separation anxiety and there is a possibility that your French Bulldog will bark more often over time.

No dog should be left alone for 8 hours or more a day.

Your Frenchy is afraid and therefore barks

If your French Bulldog is afraid of something, this can be the reason why he barks all the time in this situation.

Among other things, this can be the case during thunderstorms. Try to calm your dog during thunderstorms and make the situation as pleasant as possible. However, avoid excessive petting. This will only signal to your dog that he is right to be afraid and bark.

Strangers approaching your property

Even though the French Bulldog is not a classic guard dog, it can still bark at the fence when other dogs or people walk by.

Then it simply shows territorial behavior, which in my opinion, is perfectly fine up to a certain point.

However, it should stop immediately when you come into the yard or give a stop signal. Excessive, uncontrollable barking at the garden fence just because someone walks by should not be a permanent condition.

Lack of socialization

Your French Bulldog should be exposed to all kinds of situations as early as possible to get her used to them. This simply includes all situations of daily life.

Other people, other dogs, cars, etc. If you want to keep your puppy away from everything because it is too stressful for him, this can lead to him barking at everything and everyone later because the situation is unfamiliar to him and he does not know how to behave. He has never learned.

Illnesses or injuries can lead to excessive barking

Even if you don’t see anything it is possible that your French Bulldog is in pain and therefore barks more.

If she has injured her joints or muscles while playing or romping with other dogs, for example, has a bruise, this may be the reason for excessive barking.

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How to avoid excessive barking

Since the French Bulldog is not a dog that yaps all the time, it is usually up to you if it does.

  • Make sure your French Bulldog has plenty of physical as well as mental activity. Even though they don’t need much and like to cuddle, the Frenchie is not a lap dog.
  • From the beginning, slowly get your French Bulldog used to be left alone. Even though it may not be necessary now, because you can take your dog to the office or just someone is always at home, this situation can change at any time. And then you are not prepared for it. A puppy also gets used to be left alone much faster than an adult dog who has not had to do this for years.
  • If the first two points do not apply to you, an illness or injury may also be the reason why your French Bulldog is barking. Make an appointment with your veterinarian and get her checked out. Perhaps your dog injured himself while playing and is trying to get your attention by barking.
  • Slowly accustom your French Bulldog to situations in which she barks frequently. She needs to learn that there is no reason to bark and that these situations are perfectly normal. Since you missed or did not do enough socialization as a puppy, you have more to do now. In this case, a professional dog trainer is recommended.

Frequently asked questions:

Does a French Bulldog smell?

French Bulldogs do not tend to smell strongly. However, inferior dog food can increase the inherent odor.

Do French Bulldogs drool?

French Bulldogs belong to the dogs that drool more. This is simply due to the hanging lips in which saliva collects until it runs out.

Do French Bulldogs sleep a lot?

French Bulldogs sleep a lot. Up to 20 hours is not uncomon.

Conclusion: Do French Bulldogs bark a lot?

French Bulldogs are not one of those dog breeds that bark frequently and without reason. So it is ideal for people who are looking for a dog that can be kept in an apartment because it is relatively quiet. Of course, too little exercise can occur behavioral problems such as barking

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