Do Havanese need a coat in winter?

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Suppose you are thinking about getting a Havanese. In that case, you should consider not only the appearance, which is understandably the first decision point for or against a dog breed but also the unique characteristics and requirements of the breed. In this article, you will learn whether a Havanese needs a coat in winter.

Havanese need a coat in the winter. They have a lot of furs but are not so thick and dense. Also, when they are adults, they do not have an undercoat that protects them from the cold. Small dogs like the Havanese are also more likely to need a coat due to their size, as they are quicker to touch the snow with their belly and fur.

Does a Havanese get cold in the winter?

Yes, your Havanese needs an average amount of exercise and will freeze when it gets cold in the winter. Although you may think the Havanese have a lot of furs, this is deceiving. An adult Havanese has no undercoat to protect it from cold and moisture.

On the other hand, this is why a Havanese has little to no shedding.

Like all other small dogs, the Havanese is closer to the cold ground, which also influences the fact that a Havanese gets cold faster in winter.

But a coat is not only recommended in winter when it is cold. You should also dress your Havanese in a raincoat on cold, rainy autumn days.

Due to the lack of an undercoat, the wetness gets directly onto the skin. On wet, windy autumn days, your Havanese can quickly catch a cold if he has cold moisture on the skin.

The Havanese are also not accustomed to cold. Due to its origin in Cuba, it is used to warm weather, not hard.

When is it too cold for a Havanese?

Small dogs, like dogs with short fur, get cold faster than other dogs. As a rough rule of thumb, you can say that temperatures up to 7 degrees Celsius (44,6 degrees Fahrenheit) are unproblematic.

Of course, this is only a rough guideline and can vary individually. One Havanese already freezes at just under 10 degrees Celsius (50 Fahrenheit) and the other only at 5 degrees Celsius (41 Fahrenheit).

Pay attention to the external signs, whether your dog freezes and needs a coat.

Signs that Havanese freeze

You can tell relatively quickly when your Havanese is freezing. If your Havanese is too cold, you can recognize it by the following signs:

  • Havanese are shivering: the coat becomes bristly, and the Havanese start to shiver.
  • Listlessness: your dog becomes slower
  • Restless: your dog is whining and wants to go back again
  • Raises paws: if the ground is too cold, he may raise his feet alternately

When does a Havanese need a coat in winter?

Of course, various situations make a coat necessary for a Havanese in winter and can be dispensed with.

Short round just to pee

You can do without a coat if it is dry and you only go out for 10 minutes to pee.

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Walk up to 7 degrees Celsius / 44,6 degrees Fahrenheit

You can probably do without a coat if you walk your Havanese on a dry day and it is not colder than 7 degrees Celsius +-(44,6 degrees Fahrenheit). But pay attention to the symptoms if your dog is cold.

Walk in the rain

If you take your dog for a walk and it is raining, or rain is forecast, you should put a raincoat or a waterproof coat on him.

Even if it is still above 7 degrees, a Havanese can get cold quickly if his skin gets wet and windy.

Walk in snow

You should definitely put a coat on your Havanese if it has snowed. Apart from the fact that it must be colder than 7 degrees Celsius / 44,6 degrees Fahrenheit when there is snow, there is another problem.

The snow quickly sticks to the long hair and forms snow ice clumps, which further chill your Havanese and make it difficult for him to walk.

I saw a Yorkshire Terrier this winter that had these snow clumps everywhere and had to be carried by his owner because he couldn’t or wouldn’t walk on his own.

do havanese need a coat in winter
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Longer hike

On a longer hike with your Havanese, I would put a coat on him even if it’s about 7 degrees. On a regular walk, dogs don’t physically exert themselves enough not to get cold.

You know your dog, and you can tell when he gets cold. Watch for the signs if your Havanese is cold.

When is a Havanese hypothermic?

If you have been out in the cold too long with your Havanese, you will recognize hypothermia by the following symptoms:

  • Shivering
  • The gums become light in color due to a lack of blood circulation.
  • Your dog becomes lethargic
  • Stumbling and loss of coordination

Indicate hypothermia

With a body temperature of

  • 32 – 35 degrees Celsius (89,6 – 95 Fahrenheit) is called mild hypothermia
  • 28 – 32 degrees Celsius (82,4 – 86,6 Fahrenheit) is reached moderate hypothermia
  • Below 28 degrees Celsius (82,4 Fahrenheit), we speak of severe hypothermia.

What to do in case of hypothermia?

If your Havanese is hypothermic, you should bring him into the warm as soon as possible. Rub him dry with a towel and wrap him in a blanket.

Give him lukewarm water or broth to drink. Please do not give him ice-cold water.

If the temperature has dropped too far or the signs of hypothermia are too strong, play it safe and drive to your veterinarian.

Can a Havanese catch a cold

Havanese, or rather all dogs, can catch a cold. Cold weather can, of course, favor this.

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Signs of a cold in your Havanese are:

  • Cough
  • sniffles
  • eye discharge
  • nasal discharge
  • Fever

When does a dog have a fever

A dog’s average body temperature is between 37.5 and 39 degrees Celsius / 98,6 – 102 Fahrenheit. When your Havanese reaches a body temperature of 40 degrees Celsius/ 104 degrees Fahrenheit, he has a fever.

Conclusion: Do Havanese need a coat in winter

Havanese need a coat in winter and when it rains so that they do not freeze. Its small size and lack of undercoat make it susceptible to cold.

When it snows, a Havanese should generally wear a coat to prevent snow ice clumps from sticking to the skin and cool down the dog even faster.

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