Can a Havanese be left alone (+Training Tipps)

can a havanese be left alone
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If you are considering getting a Havanese, it is essential to look more closely at the breed and check whether the dog fits into your everyday life. If you can leave a Havanese alone, and if so, for how long, you will find out in this article.

Havanese do not like to stay alone. They were bred as companion dogs, also called velcro dogs, because they prefer to follow their owners wherever they go. A Havanese definitely cannot stay alone all day. A Havanese definitely cannot stay alone all day. Negative behaviors can develop if a Havanese is left alone too often and for too long.

How long can a Havanese be left alone?

Even though a Havanese does not like to be left alone, there are always situations when it is necessary.

You can’t take your dog everywhere with you. The time when you have to go to the doctor or shopping, it is necessary that your Havanese can stay alone at this time.

How long your Havanese can stay alone before he starts barking or howling cannot be answered in a general way.

Some can stay alone for a maximum of 30-45 minutes before they start crying. Others can stay alone for about 3 hours, sometimes 4, if you have trained them slowly from the beginning.

It would help if you did not leave your Havanese alone for 3 hours at a time without practicing it in small steps. You must increase the time of absence from time to time and let him get used to it slowly.

How to train to be alone

Especially if you have a puppy, you can do many things right by starting the training early. Or you can do everything wrong because you don’t think it is necessary at the moment.

Do not start training on the first day, but after 1 to 2 weeks, when your puppy is accustomed to his new home.

No matter what your current situation is. In any case, you should get your puppy used to being alone.

Increase the time of absence bit by bit, for example:

  1. Leave the room and close the door. Wait 2 seconds and go back
  2. increase the absence time
  3. go out of the house shortly to the mailbox
  4. go out of the house to speak briefly with the neighbor
  5. leave the house and put on your jacket, and stay outside a few minutes longer

Always go one step further and increase the absence time when your dog does not bark, does not cry, and waits for you very calmly.

Important. Stay calm when you come back. It must be a normal situation for your Havanese that you leave the house and come back. There is no need to greet him exuberantly.

havaneser does not like to stay alone
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Tipps on how to keep your Havanese alone

Since no Havanese likes to be left alone, keeping him busy or distracted while you are away is essential.

  • The best option is to have a dog sitter for the time being. Maybe a neighbor can wait at your home and keep your dog busy.
  • If your dog knows the neighbor, maybe you’ve been there together; it might also be possible to leave your Havanese with a neighbor or a friend to watch the dog while you’re out.
  • Or, you might give your Havanese to a professional doggie daycare one or two days a week and plan your appointments and shopping accordingly. The advantage is that your Havanese will have plenty to do during this time and social contact with fellow dogs.
  • Make sure your Havanese gets plenty of exercise and activity before you leave the house. If your Havanese is generally not exercised enough, even the ordinarily calm Havanese will tend to yelp. Your Havanese is physically and mentally busy; there is a greater chance that he will be tired and asleep than if he is full of energy to play with you. It is a particular toy your dog gets exclusively when you leave the house. Of course, he must love the toy. Maybe a Kong filled with liver sausage or something similar. This will keep him busy for a while.
  • Put a worn t-shirt of yours in his dog bed. Your scent can have a calming effect on him so that he will tolerate the time alone better.
  • Get your Havanese used to a dog crate. If your dog is scared or it stresses him out when he’s alone, his box can make him feel safe.
  • Company in the form of a second Havanese can also be a solution if your Havanese absolutely cannot stay alone. It worked great for us, and we can leave both dogs together, problem alone.
  • Get a pet camera. It won’t make your Havanese stay alone better, but you can see how your dog behaves during your absence.

Can you leave a Havanese alone for 8 hours?

You cannot leave a Havanese alone for 8 hours. Since they prefer to be with their owners all the time, 8 hours is too long.

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No dog should be left alone for 8 hours all the time. However, some breeds are not as fixated on their owners as the Havanese or generally spend most of their time lazing around in the dog bed and sleeping.

Symptoms if your Havanese is left alone for too long?

If you don’t introduce your Havanese to being alone slowly, or he can’t do it despite training, he may bark and howl all the time until you are back.

Havanese can develop natural separation anxiety. This means your dog is afraid and generates stress when you walk toward the door.

Typical symptoms of separation anxiety:

  • Destructiveness
  • Havanese barks and howls constantly
  • Your dog pees again on the couch or generally in the apartment
  • Stress symptoms like trembling, heavy panting

So, it can have severe consequences for your Havanese if he has to stay alone for too long. Dogs generally don’t like to remain alone – but the Havanese is one of the dog breeds that can do it the least.

Conclusion: Can a Havanese stay alone?

A Havanese is not a dog that likes to stay alone. If you teach him slowly from the beginning and perhaps with a particular play cue for distraction during the absence, you can leave your Havanese for up to 3 hours, maybe 4 hours sometimes alone.

This should be the exception and not a daily situation. It is definitely the wrong breed if you are a professional and have to leave your Havanese alone for 8 hours or more.

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