How much exercise does an American Bully need?

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Before you get an American Bully, you need to consider the needs of the breed. Here we clarify how much exercise an American Bully needs.

The American Bully needs about 60 minutes of exercise on average. Extensive walks and especially playtime make the American Bully happy. In addition to physical exercise, it is important to train the American Bully mentally. Mental work, for example through education and obedience, is a good option and an absolute must.

What is an American Bully?

The American Bully is not an officially recognized dog breed in Europe. However, since 2013, it has been recognized as an independent breed in the United States by the UKC.

The American Bully is bred from American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, Old English Bulldog and French Bulldog.

The goal was to breed a faithful family dog with a “special” appearance. The nature of the American Bully should be gentle, friendly and fond of children, but in any case not aggressive.

If a dog shows aggressive behavior towards humans or animals, it is excluded from breeding.

In summary, an American Bully has the appearance of the American Pit Bull Terrier without the negative characteristics such as possible aggressiveness towards other animals and people.

In the American Bully, the following variants are distinguished.


The Pocket variant is the smallest with up to 43 cm.


The Standard American Bully reaches a height at withers of 43 cm to 51 cm. The Standard Amercian Bully is the “normal” or original version.


The Classic American Bully differs from the Standard only in weight. He also reaches a height of 43 cm – 51 cm but is a little lighter. This means he is a little narrower overall with less muscle.


The American Bully XL reaches a height at the withers of 51 cm – 57 cm.

There are still the two extreme categories Micro and XXL. But I don’t want to go into that here, because in my opinion it goes in the direction of torture breeding again.

Does an American Bully need a lot of exercise?

An American Bully needs on average 60 minutes (1 hour) of exercise in the form of long walks in nature. The smaller breed types need a little less, the larger ones a little more.

When walking, it is important to take your time with your Bully. It is not enough to simply walk the same route every day. This will not make an American Bully tired in the long run.

Make your walks varied.

  • Vary the route you walk. Every day the same tree, the same dog you meet etc. is boring in the long run.
  • Train basic commands with your American Bully on the walk.
  • Or sit down somewhere and wait for 5 to 10 minutes and let the people and dogs run past you. Your dog should learn in this way that he can and may not always go everywhere. That waiting is exhausting for many, especially active or playful dogs and helps to make them tired.
  • Take treats with you and let your American Bully sniff and search for them in between.

How often does an American Bully need to be walked?

An American Bully needs at least 2 walks a day. One of them should be a bit longer, at best your Bully can run off leash and let off steam.

The other walk or two can be the classic walk around the block so your dog can pee.

How much exercise do American Bully puppies need?

When you get your American Bully as a puppy, you must be careful not to overwork him at first. Bully dogs become heavy and strong dogs that gain weight quickly.

However, the bones and joints do not develop as fast as the Bully gains weight.

But also the mental comprehension of bully puppies is not so high. When you take your puppy for a walk or do obedience training, it’s all new to him.

Everything has to be absorbed and processed.

Therefore, it is said that a puppy needs an average of 5 minutes of exercise or specific activity per month of life until he is tired and exhausted.

Of course, you can take your 3 month old puppy for 2 x 15 minute walks or exercise.

Age of puppyDuration of activity
2 month10 minutes
3 month15 minutes
4 month20 minutes
5 month25 minutes
6 month30 minutes
exercise an American Bully

How to exercise an American Bully

You can exercise an American Bully in a variety of ways. The dogs are very intelligent, learn quickly and love to exercise with you.


Long walks are also the foundation for a busy and happy American Bully.

In order for the American Bully to exercise his muscles sufficiently, it is recommended to let him off the leash or go jogging with you.

Obedience training

The American Bully likes to work with you and is very easy to train. Training and executing basic commands is exhausting and tiring for an American Bully.

Tug of War

The American Bully loves to tug and pull.

Tug of war is on the one hand a good way to keep the Bully physically busy, on the other hand it is also mental training. Because you decide when to “stop” and when to play.

We have taught our Cane Corso the command “drop it” when tugging.

FAQ about the American Bully

Is the American Bully afighting dog?

The American Bully is NOT a fighting dog. The American Bully has never been officially used for dog fighting and is not bred for it. The breeding goal is a gentle family dog that loves children!!!

Is the American Bully a guard dog / watch dog?

The American Bully is not a classic guard dog or watch dog originally used for this purpose. Basically, the American Bully is friendly to everyone.

However, this intelligent dog can tell when a stranger is a danger to his owner and when he is not. When danger threatens, the American Bully would not hesitate and protect its owner.

Is the American Bully a family dog?

The breeding goal of the American Bully is to breed a loving, gentle, and child-loving family dog that is, however, very close to the look of an American Pit Bull.

The American Bully was never bred for dog fighting but specifically as a family dog.

If you do some research and look at testimonials and statements from experienced dog trainers and dog owners, you can only come to the conclusion that the American Bully is a great family dog, especially with children.
That is exactly what he is in the USA.

Conclusion: How much exercise does an American Bully need?

An American Bully needs an average of 60 minutes (1 hr) of exercise and activity per day. Daily walks in the nature on which your Bully can exercise himself physically as well as head work are on the agenda. The American Bully is very intelligent and easy to train. Obedience training is a good way to train your dog mentally.

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