How much exercise does a Dogue de Bordeaux need?

Exercise a dogue de Bordeaux

For some reason I have developed a preference for Mastiff type dogs. I like the imposing size combined with the calm and loving nature. In this article I deal with the question of how much exercise a Dogue de Bordeaux needs and how to keep it busy.

The Dogue de Bordeaux needs 60 Minutes of exercise and activity on average. 2 daily walks should usually be enough to keep the French Mastiff busy. In addition to physical exercise, it is important to keep the Dogue de Bordeaux mentally stimulated

How much exercise does an adult Dogue de Bordeaux need?

The Dogue de Bordeaux comes from France and belongs to the cozy dog breeds.

Due to its original use as a hunting dog, it needs more exercise than, for example, the English Mastiff or the Bullmastiff but less than the Cane Corso.

The job of the Dogue de Bordeaux was, for example, to set and pack wild boars until the hunter arrived.

Furthermore, it was and still is used as a guard dog.

So, it fulfills the stereotype of a mastiff breed and is therefore suitable for those who do not want to run for hours or be active in other ways.

An adult Dogue de Bordeaux is happy with an average of 60 minutes of exercise per day. If it is only 30 minutes in between, it is also perfectly fine.

So the Dogue de Bordeaux is somewhere in the middle of the Mastiff Breeds.

How much exercise does a Dogue de Bordeaux puppy need?

Since the Dogue de Bordeaux reaches a considerable size, it is important that the puppies grow slowly and their bones and joints are not overstressed in the first months.

Dogue de Bordeaux can reach a weight of 140 lbs in males and 120 lbs in females. Unfortunately, the bones and joints of puppies do not develop as fast as they gain weight.

For this reason it is important to avoid long walks or runs and to introduce the puppies slowly to the load.

As a general rule, it is said that a puppy can go for a controlled walk for 5 minutes at a time per month of life. So when your Dogue de Bordeaux puppy is 4 months old you can walk him for about 20 minutes.

It’s not about your puppy not being able to walk. It’s much more about the environment, the smells and sounds that he has to absorb and process.

This is exhausting for a puppy and takes energy. Afterwards, they are usually tired and just want to sleep for now.

How much exercise does a dogue de Bordeaux need

How often does a Dogue de Bordeaux need to be walked?

On average, you should walk your Dogue de Bordeaux 2 times a day. If you walk your Dogue de Bordeaux for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening before feeding her, you will have a good foundation to keep her busy and happy.

Provided you give your dog time to sniff or even let her walk off-leash if allowed.

If your Dogue de Bordeaux only has to walk next to you on the leash and “is not allowed to be a dog”, this is boring in the long run and does not contribute sufficiently to the workload.

How do I keep a Dogue de Bordeaux busy?

In addition to daily walks, it’s important that you keep a Dogue de Bordeaux mentally stimulated.


The basis is at least 2 walks of 30 minutes each per day. (sometimes more sometimes less). It is important that you do not always run the same route but offer your dog variety.

At least 2 better 3 different routes you should have to have enough variety.

Obedience training

Education is a great way to tire out the Dogue de Bordeaux. Learning and executing basic commands is a good start.


There are actually Dogues de Bordeaux that do agility. Agility is a great way to train a dog mentally and physically at the same time

Nose work

All dogs love to sniff. Nose work or sniffing is very strenuous and a good way to tire out a Dogue de Bordeaux.

Frustration tolerance training

In between, you need to disappoint your dog. This means that you create an expectation in him and do not fulfill it.

The classic example is going for a walk.

keep a Dogue de Bordeaux busy

If your dog looks forward to the walk every day and knows exactly that it will start because you get dressed and take the leash, you do not fulfill his expectation.

You get undressed again and put the leash away. Your Dogue de Bordeaux must first process this situation and learns to deal with frustration over time.

This in turn has a positive effect on your everyday life. Because again and again dogs want something or somewhere to go. If they are not allowed to or get that, it is frustrating and can become stressful for you in the situation.

You just have to figure out what the key is with your dog. What does he love? Build an expectation and don’t fulfill it or do it 30 -60 minutes later.

Consequences of too little exercise and activity

Even though a Dogue de Bordeaux doesn’t need that much exercise and activity, you need to move your dog. If it is not sufficiently exercised for a longer period of time, it can develop behavioral problems that nobody wants.

Dogs that don’t have enough activity get frustrated over time, and that can lead to aggressive behavior. An aggressive Dogue de Bordeaux just because you laid on the couch, you do not want.

In addition to increased aggressiveness, there can be destructiveness. Shoes, furniture and other things are simply chewed up.

Conclusion: How much exercise does a Dogue de Bordeaux need?

A Dogue de Bordeaux or French Mastiff needs about 60 minutes of exercise and activity per day. 2 walks in nature and some mental activity and training are a very good basis to have a happy dog. (Contributing image)


I am Marco and I have the pleasure of living with 3 large Mastiff-type dog breeds. I would like to share my dog-related experiences on this blog

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