8 Reasons why your Labrador sheds so much! (+ solutions)

does a Labrador sheds a lot

One of the most popular family dogs is the Labrador. He is intelligent, learns quickly and generally very cheerful and friendly. But what about the fur? Does a Labrador sheds a lot or is it suitable for allergy sufferers?

A Labrador unfortunately belongs to the dog breeds that shed relatively much and is therefore not suitable for people who are allergic to animal hair. You can reduce the hair by regular brushing and good food, but the Labrador is still a dog that tends to shed a lot.

Why does a Labrador shed?

Before you clarify why the Labrador sheds, you must first take a closer look at the coat. The Labrador has a short and smooth, but very dense coat, that at the first sight makes little work in the daily care.

However, the Labrador has a dense undercoat that protects it from the cold. The coat of the Labrador is particularly dense compared to many other short-haired breeds.

This is necessary because of its original use in the wet landscapes of Great Britain, where it had to protect him from wetness and cold.

Therefore it is quite logical that a Labrador sheds more than some other shorthaired breeds. He simply has more hair.

Does a Labrador shed a lot?

The Labrador is still going through a classic coat change, adapting to the coming seasons.

In spring, the Labrador loses its dense winter coat and grows its thinner summer coat. In autumn he loses his thin summer coat accordingly and gets a denser winter coat.

During the coat change alone, the Labrador loses so much hair that some owners wonder if the dog has any hair at all. The classic change of coat in spring and autumn lasts about 3 weeks. During this time, it is hardly worth putting away the vacuum cleaner.

If you think now, “Ok, 3 weeks I can manage with that” I have to disappoint you unfortunately. In these 3 weeks, i.e. 2 times a year, the “big” coat change takes place, but basically the Labrador sheds all year round.

This is simply because dead hairs fall out and new hairs grow back. And the Labrador has a very dense coat with a lot of hair.

In contrast to the Labrador, there are terriers that do not shed, because they do not lose their dead hair on their own. That’s where you, as the dog owner, have to remedy the situation by trimming.

Reasons why your Labrador sheds a lot

The reasons why a Labrador sheds a lot can be many. The skin is also the largest organ of a dog. Whether your Labrador is healthy or not, can be first noticed through the skin and consequently through the coat.

Is your Labrador’s coat dull, lackluster and does it shed excessively – more than normal? Are there also symptoms like itching, dandruff and redness? Then you should talk to your vet in any case to exclude a disease.

Labrador sheds a lot
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Other reasons why your Labrador sheds a lot

  • Your Labrador has a food allergy. Does he not tolerate certain ingredients of your food? For example, there are dogs that can only eat fish.
  • Does your dog suffer from a disease that promotes hair loss? Talk to your vet.
  • Is your dog constantly dehydrated because he doesn’t drink enough? If your labrador drinks too little it may be that the metabolism is not working properly and this could lead to your labrador to shed more
  • Does your dog have fleas, ticks or other parasites? Check him out or have your vet look at him.
  • One reason why your dog is shedding heavily may be stress. Stress is never good. Give your dog breaks. Make sure he has a place to rest and avoid situations that stress him out. But also make sure that your Labrador gets enough exercise. Too little activity can cause stress in the long run
  • If your Labrador is shedding a lot it can also be hormonal. If you have a female it can come during the heat to increased hair loss. Or after a castration some dogs tend to shed more.
  • Is your food high quality and does your dog get all the nutrients he needs? Often poor quality food and consequently a lack of nutrients is also the reason for severe shedding in a Labrador and of course in other dogs as well.
  • Do you bathe your Labrador too often? Constant bathing with shampoo can dry out the coat and skin and cause more hair.

What can be done to make a Labrador shed less?

If you have a Labrador, unfortunately you have to accept that they shed a lot. Unfortunately, more than other breeds – they also have more hair. But in order that your Labrador does not shed more than it absolutely has to, there are a few things you can do.

  • Feed a good dog food. Make sure that there are no ingredients in the food that have no place in a dog food and that he gets all the nutrients he needs.
  • Alternatively you should try a raw diet (BARF).
  • An egg yolk, brewer’s yeast and salmon oil in between also ensure a healthy coat. If your dog is not optimally supplied with everything, it can lead to increased hair loss.
  • Brewer’s yeast, for example, is rich in biotin and B vitamins and can reduce hair loss and speed up the natural shedding process.
  • Omega 3, which is contained in salmon oil, boosts cell metabolism and strengthens the hair. If you BARF, you can also regularly feed salmon or other oily fish rich in omega 3. We feed fish at least 1 time per week.
  • Support your dog with the daily coat change. When you walk together in the woods or fields, brush him properly there. It is basically very simple. Every hair your dog loses in the woods, he won’t lose on your couch. Many Labrador owners also recommend brushing him daily to remove the loose hair. It’s not a 100% solution but will get you a decent step closer.

We do the same with our Broholmer.

However, you should not expect miracles, because a Labrador just sheds. With a good diet you can only prevent him from shedding more than he should due to a deficiency.


We use the following products with our dogs and are very satisfied. We can see that the shedding becomes more without these products

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When does a Labrador shed the most?

The Labrador sheds all year round, because the coat is constantly renewed. This is, unfortunately, perfectly normal. But the peak is clearly in spring and autumn when the actual coat change takes place. Then he doesn’t lose “just a few” dead hairs, but changes his coat in 3 to 4 weeks.

Conclusion: Does a Labrador sheds a lot?

The Labrador is a large dog that has a very dense coat, it unfortunately sheds more than many other dog breeds. He simply ,has more hair than other dogs that he can shed.

In order that the Labrador does not shed more than absolutely necessary, a good diet is important so that a lack of nutrients does not lead to excessive shedding.

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