Do Rottweilers bark a lot? (reasons + solutions)

do rottweilers bark a lot

If you want to get a dog and for good reason you can not get the Rottweiler out of your head, you probably have some questions about the breed. Besides appearance, many other senses play a role in the decision process. Among other things, it is essential to know if Rottweilers bark a lot. If you live in an apartment with direct neighbors, a dog that barks a lot will undoubtedly cause problems with the neighbors at some point.

Do Rottweilers bark a lot? Rottweilers are not dogs that bark a lot. They are more in the middle range and can be described as moderately barking. Rottweilers do not bark for no reason. However, they have a strong guard and protection instinct and give alarm when something unusual happens.

Reasons why Rottweiler bark a lot

Even though Rottweilers do not bark much – they are not yappers without a reason, there are situations in which Rottweilers do bark.

And when Rottweilers bark, you hear it. They have a deep, powerful bark that is quite intimidating.

Barking is a way for dogs to communicate. Either with each other, or they want to alert us, humans, to something. To require a dog never to bark is not possible.

However, there are naturally barking breeds, normal barking breeds, and breeds that hardly bark.

Here are some reasons why Rottweilers bark:

Guard instinct

Rottweilers are perfect guards and protection dogs. So they sound the alarm when something unusual happens or someone approaches your property.

Of course, it may be that your yard is located in such a way that people are constantly walking by and your Rottweiler is constantly sounding the alarm.

If this is the case, you should work specifically on it and try your Rottweiler in these situations to push as far as possible to eliminate the barking, especially when you are at home.

Your Rottweiler should then learn that when you are at home he does not have to make the wild at the fence at every pedestrian.

They also bark when the doorbell rings is a common problem.

Too little exercise

Rottweilers need a lot of exercise. They are dogs that are made for work. You can see that just by their many uses.

Rottweilers are not dogs for couch potatoes. If your Rottweiler has too little exercise and especially mental activity in the long run, he may bark more than usual due to boredom and frustration.

Boredom and frustration can also cause a Rottweiler to become aggressive and dangerous.

So make sure you provide enough exercise and activity every day.


If you get them reasonably used to it from the beginning, Rottweilers can be left alone for a few hours.

However, if you overdo it and leave your Rottweiler alone for several hours a day, he may well bark more.

Even if it is possible, Rottweilers do not like to stay alone. Dogs are pack animals and prefer to be near their owners. Incredibly affectionate and people-oriented breeds like the Rottweiler need to be taught how to handle the situation sensibly.

But there is no guarantee that it will work with every dog.

Diseases / Injuries

Dogs bark to communicate. Of course, it’s possible that your dog is in pain or otherwise unwell and barks constantly for that reason.

If your Rottweiler is barking uncontrollably and constantly, you should have him examined by your veterinarian to rule out anything worse.

Rottweilers bark when they are bored

Stop Rottweiler barking at the door

As dog owners, we all know the situation where the dog barks when the doorbell rings. We do not distinguish between Rottweiler or Chihuahua.

The doorbell rings, and the dog stands at the door barking – because the visit is finally for him.

This is how you can get your Rottweiler out of the habit of barking at the door:

Your Rotti needs to learn that nothing exciting happens when the doorbell rings, and most importantly, it’s not about him!!!

Send your Rottweiler to his place or blanket when the doorbell rings. He must wait until the visitor is in the house, the parcel carrier has delivered the package and the door is closed again.

Of course, the command has to be correct. With us it is the command “blanket”.

We trained the command “blanket” just like the command “taboo” without treats. Tabu means “Get out of the kitchen.”

Why without treats? I think you can and should train your dog if possible and not always with treats.

Of course, we also use treats but not all the time. (We don’t give our children a piece of chocolate when they are supposed to go into their rooms).

Train the command “blanket

We lead our dogs to their place and as soon as they are there, we give the command “blanket”.

This is repeated a few times until the dog knows what is meant and goes on the blanket alone at the command. This also works if your dog accepts you as a sovereign pack leader. You could of course work with treats here if you want.

Caution. But if you lie on the couch and call your dog “blanket” because you want the dog to go to his place, you have to ensure that he does it.

The moment you give a command, your dog doesn’t do it, but you are too comfortable to get up and think, “then don’t” your dog resists you, he makes his own decision, and you lose a piece of leadership.

You must, in my opinion, get up and lead your dog to the blanket. Of course, you do not do this loudly or with physical force. You calmly lead him to the blanket and give the command again.

If he wants to get off the blanket, you stand in front of him and signal to him through your body posture – “No, you stay there” until I get you off the blanket.

That, to me, means consistency in dog training.

Our Broholmer bitch is super sweet and does it relatively immediately with the Cane Corso bitch you have to discuss sometimes a little longer. She then tests out how seriously I really mean my decision.

Training when the bell rings

The command “blanket” is the command you give when the doorbell rings and your Rottweiler wants to run to the door barking.

If he sits there quietly and waits, you can of course reward him with a treat.

  • You can do the training by sending your Rottweiler to his seat and waiting next to him.
  • A friend or family member rings the doorbell but you don’t answer it.
  • If your Rotti sits quietly with you, you praise him with strokes or treats. Repeat this a few times.
  • This way he learns that nothing unusual happens when the doorbell rings.
  • The next step is to go to the door. If your Rottweiler follows you, you bring him back to the blanket. If he waits quietly, he will be rewarded.

How often do Rottweilers bark

There is no telling how often Rottweilers will bark. Rottweilers, like all dogs, bark for a variety of reasons.

With each one the situation is different. For some, someone rings the doorbell 4 times a day, for others 4 times a week.

With the one being busy at the garden fence, the other lives on the outskirts, and it runs, as a rule, nobody at the property past.

Conclusion: Do Rottweilers bark frequently?

Rottweiler bark rather averagely often. Some breeds bark significantly more but also breeds that bark less. Rottweilers have a strong guard instinct and of course announce unusual things by barking. But also this can be minimized by appropriate training. But it is a fact, that Rottweiler bark and if you hear them.

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