Do Labradors drool a lot? (reasons + solutions)

do Labradors drool a lot

Before you buy a Labrador because you like the look of it, you usually clarify issues that are important to you in advance. For many people, it is essential to know if Labradors drool a lot.

In this article, I discuss whether a Labrador drools a lot and, if so, in which situations.

Do Labradors drool a lot? Labradors are not dogs that drool a lot or frequently! However, in certain situations, Labradors do drool. In every dog, saliva accumulates in the mouth. A Labrador will also drool if a lot of salivae gets very quickly and cannot be swallowed. One of the main reasons is when a Labrador has to wait in front of his food. Then the water in his mouth runs together in the truest sense.

Dog drooling is not for everyone!

It’s not bad if you don’t like dog drool or even find it disgusting and want a dog that doesn’t drool for that reason.

You probably know the dogs from TV like “Beethoven” or “Hutch,” who made us laugh by drooling excessively. But not everyone wants to have that at home.

So it’s only understandable if you want to know if Labradors drool a similar amount?

Dogs drool because saliva accumulates on their lips and cannot be swallowed from there.

This happens mostly in dogs with more hanging lips, like the breeds St. Bernard, Great Dane, or our Cane Corso.

This does not mean that these breeds drool more than others. It just means they can’t swallow saliva, and it just runs out of their mouths.

Do Labradors drool a lot?

We now know that dogs with severely drooping lips drool a lot. This does not include the Labrador. So Labradors do not belong to the dogs that drool a lot.

But this only means that the Lab does not drool. But not that they do not drool at all.

Why does my Labrador drool?

Even though the Labrador is not comparable to a Cane Corso or a Bulldog, there are situations when a Labrador drools.

Labrador’s mouth waters before eating

Probably the most common reason your Labrador drools is when he has to wait in front of his total food bowl or sees you preparing his food.

Labradors are very greedy. They must eat fast when hunting to be available for the hunter at any time. This is genetically intended.

So if you make your Labrador wait in front of his food bowl or even stand in front of him with a treat, there is a good chance he will drool. His mouth is watering, and he wants to eat.

Stressful situations make a Labrador drool

.Not all dogs like to drive. Driving is so stressful for one dog or another that they pant and drool heavily while driving.

It’s the same with our Broholm bitch. The muzzle and head shape is very similar to the Labrador. That means she doesn’t drool at all. But she always needs time to calm down during a car ride. By then, she is panting and drooling from stress and excitement.

Of course, this is the same with a Labrador that hasn’t been properly acclimated to driving or doesn’t like it.

It can also be stressful if your Labrador has to stay alone for a long time. Even if they can stay alone for several hours, slowly getting them used to the situation is essential.

If you have to leave your Labbi alone overnight, it is possible that he is stressed or scared and drools.

Gum disease/dental disease

Gum disease or dental disease, in general, can also be the reason for extreme drooling.

Dental problems usually result from plaque and tartar.

A very effective and the most natural method is gnawing on the bone. Not only does it remove plaque, but it also satisfies the natural urge to chew and makes your dog tired.

We just came from the farmer and got big beef bones for our two big dogs. And smaller, softer gristle with meat for our puppy. They have been gnawing on it here for 20 minutes.

We now keep the bone in a bag for 1 to 2 days, so they will still have some tomorrow and the day after. We do this regularly to clean the teeth naturally.

In addition to a bone, countless chewing items are available at specialty stores to help with dental care and prevent your dog from drooling.

Among other things, the Kong Triangle* is perfect for chewing and cleaning teeth in Labrador.

Labrador drools when it is hot

.Many dogs drool when it’s just too hot. Dog pant to regulate their body temperature. On hot summer days, of course, more so.

So if your Labrador is drooling in the summer, it’s probably just too warm. Be sure to protect your dog from the heat in the summer.

A swim in a lake or a special dog pool* if you have a garden or balcony is ideal. Most importantly, ensure your dog always has fresh water because panting and drooling quickly dry out the mouth.

Foreign body between the teeth

If your Labrador has a foreign body like a trim stick or something similar between his teeth, this can already be the reason for his drooling.

If you cannot easily remove the stick or are unsure, it is best to take it to your veterinarian. Once the foreign body is removed, the drooling should stop quickly.

Labrador is drooling because he was poisoned.

Besides the “normal” situations in which a Labrador may drool, there are unfortunately also dangerous situations.

If your Labrador has eaten poison bait, a reaction to this can be extreme drooling. So if your dog starts drooling heavily during a walk or shortly after, there is a high risk that he has eaten poison bait.

However, plants that are poisonous to dogs can also be the cause of severe drooling. Toxic to dogs include arum, henbane, and yew.

Conclusion: Drooling Labradors

Labradors also produce saliva in their mouths. However, as a rule, they do not drool but can swallow it. Depending on the situation, for example, when he has to sit in front of his food bowl, so much saliva is formed that a Labrador also drools.

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