Do French Bulldogs drool a lot?

do french bulldogs drool

Many dogs just drool. That’s just the way it is, and you have to live with it. Now, there are dog breeds that drool significantly more than others. In this article I will discuss whether French Bulldogs drool and if so, how much?

Do French Bulldogs drool? French Bulldogs are basically one of those dog breeds that tend to drool a lot. On the one hand, this is due to their drooping lips, where saliva collects and eventually just runs out. On the other hand, French Bulldogs drools for the same reason as all dogs, for example, because they are hungry and stand in front of the full food bowl.

Why do French Bulldogs drool?

Dogs also collect saliva in their mouths, this is perfectly normal.

In dogs with drooping lips, to which the French Bulldog also belongs, saliva automatically gets into the drooping cheeks and can no longer be swallowed.

So the saliva accumulates and eventually just runs out and French Bulldogs drools. This is perfectly normal.

Now, of course, there are situations when the French Bulldog drools extremely. But this is also normal in most cases.

French Bulldosg drool extremely

When your French Bulldog drools extremely, it is often for understandable reasons that stimulate saliva production.

French Bulldogs drool in front of the food bowl

Dogs also drool when they are hungry or just have to wait in front of their full food bowl. The French Bulldog is no exception.

Due to the round shape of their head, with hanging lips, saliva automatically collects and eventually runs out. This is simply anatomical.

With our Cane Corso it looks the same. If she has to wait in front of the food bowl, it is waterfall city. Sometimes even bubbles form in the corners of her mouth.

french bulldogs drool
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Exercise leads to heavy drooling

The French Bulldog needs regular exercise and activity.

Depending on the duration and intensity, your French Bulldog may salivate more when you take her for a walk or play.

Again, there is nothing to worry about. Exercise will cause more saliva to be produced, which will eventually just run out.

When is excessive drooling not normal

Besides excitement before eating or during physical activity, your French Bulldog may also drool for reasons that you should watch more closely.

Excessive salivating can also be due to the following reasons:

Foreign object

Examine your French Bulldog to see if it has a stick or something similar stuck in its mouth between its teeth.

This may be the reason why your French Bulldog is drooling. If you are unsure or if the stick is stuck in the teeth or maybe even in the gums, it is better to go to your veterinarian.

Tooth / gum problems lead to excessive drooling

Lack of care for teeth and gums can not only cause your French Bulldog to smell out of his mouth, but also lead to excessive drooling.

Your Frenchi also needs regular bones or chews for dental care but also for relaxation.

Your French Bulldog is too hot

You should always protect your dog from heat, as he can’t sweat.

But breeds with short noses, like the French Bulldog, suffer even more in hot weather than other breeds, as they unfortunately have additional breathing problems due to their anatomy.

If you overwork French Bulldogs in the summer you will quickly notice that they drool more. They breathe or pant faster than usual to cool them down.

This is where you need to step in and cool your bulldog down. Not because she is drooling but to avoid heat stroke.

Stress and fear cause your bulldog to drool

Stress and anxiety cause your French Bulldog to drool a lot.

If your French Bulldog has to be left alone, but has not been properly prepared for this, it may be that he is afraid or stressed and therefore drools.

But also long car rides can stress your Frenchie and cause him to drool a lot. Here you can only slowly get your French Bulldog used to driving to reduce the stress.


French Bulldogs, just like all dogs, cannot tell you when they are in pain, for example because they hurt themselves while running.

But excessive salivating and drooling can be indications that they are in pain. If your French Bulldog is barking more than normal, that is also an indication that something is wrong.

French Bulldog has been poisoned

Unfortunately, there are people who not only dislike dogs, but hate them so much that they put out poison baits.

If your French Bulldog ate such a bait on your walk, it may cause it to drool significantly more.

If you suspect poisoning you should look for other symptoms like vomiting, trembling or cramps and go directly to your vet.

To prevent this, it is important that your French Bulldog learns from the beginning NOT to eat anything that is lying around or growing on the walk.

Also poisonous plants eaten by your dog can be the reason for drooling.

Diseases can be the reason for heavy drooling

Various diseases may be the reason why your French Bulldog is salivating heavily. You should also check this out with your veterinarian.

Removing dog drool

If your French Bulldog has drooled all over your couch or jeans, you should remove it.

On the one hand it doesn’t look nice, on the other hand dog saliva contains bacteria that are not healthy for us.

Clothes and blankets then simply go into the washing machine.

As a temporary solution, if you don’t want to change jeans or shirt right away, a microfiber cloth with a little soap is usually enough to reasonably remove drool stains from Malou.

For protection when we are not at home or at night we put a blanket on the couch, which you can then simply wash regularly.

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Conclusion: Do French Bulldogs drool?

Yes, the French Bulldog is one of the dog breeds that drool more. Simply because of their hanging lips, this is simply anatomical. Saliva accumulates there and eventually just runs out. Situations like hunger or stress can additionally increase the salivation.

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