Do Dalmatians need a coat in winter?

do dalmatians need a coat

If you have a dog, of course you want him to be well and stay fit and healthy as long as possible. In addition to a good dog food, it is important that you pay attention to whether it is necessary to protect your dog from heat or even cold. Whether Dalmatians need a coat – and when, we clarify in this article.

The Dalmatian has short fur and no undercoat. In winter, when it is cold, or even in autumn, when it rains and the temperatures are low, Dalmatians usually need a coat. Of course, there are individual situations, such as an intense bike ride, when your Dalmatian does not need a coat.

Do Dalmatians have an undercoat?

The Dalmatian has a dense, short coat, but no undercoat. Therefore, coat care is relatively easy and only needs to be brushed with a rubber glove or similar from time to time.

Due to the lack of undercoat, which protects a dog from cold and moisture, a Dalmatian needs a coat in certain situations.

Factors that influence why your Dalmatian is cold

It is not only the temperature that determines whether your dog is cold or not. You should look at several factors to determine if your Dalmatian may need a coat.


The first indicator of whether you are cold or not is, of course, the temperature. If the temperature is below 44 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius), it may be too cold for a Dalmatian.


It’s no colder than 44 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius), but the cold wind can be crucial in making sure your Dalmatian better has a windproof jacket that day.


Rain or wetness in general can cause your Dalmatian to get cold faster and freeze. The moisture goes right through to the skin and cools your dog down faster.

No Sun:

On a winter day when the sun is shining, your dog will not freeze as quickly as if it is very cloudy.


It makes a difference if you only walk with your Dalmatian or if you walk several kilometers. Or whether your Dalmatian runs alongside your bike.

When do Dalmatians need a coat?

do dalmatians need a coat

Due to the lack of undercoat, a Dalmatian gets cold faster than other dog breeds. So you should basically get a coat for your Dalmatian.

Now, you can’t say across the board the Dalmatian always needs a coat when it’s below 44 degrees fahrenheit (7 degrees celsius).

It depends on the dog. The one freezes faster the other almost never freezes. On the other hand, as already mentioned, there are various influencing factors.

Basically, your Dalmatian needs a coat when he freezes!!!


If you’re not moving very fast on a normal walk and the temperature drops below 44 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius), your Dalmatian probably needs a coat. There may simply be too little activity to stay warm through

If you go for a walk with your Dalmatian in winter and you know in advance that you will have to stop somewhere for a longer time. You should definitely put a coat on your Dalmatian.

In rain and wind

If it is maybe not so cold, but it is raining and windy I would put a waterproof and windproof raincoat on my Dalmatian.

The wetness, since the Dalmatian has no protective undercoat, goes right through to the skin and can cool your Dalmatian down quickly in combination with the wind.

Since a Dalmatian needs a lot of exercise, you can’t always wait for better weather or go for short walks for days on end. At some point you have to physically exercise your Dalmatian in the wind and rain.

With our Molossers it looks a little bit different. First of all, they don’t want to go out in the rain, and secondly, they can easily handle several days with less exercise. With a running dog it is more difficult.

Old dogs and puppies

If your Dalmatian is older, he will need a coat more quickly than a young dog bursting with energy.

Likewise, you should always put a coat on your puppy in the winter.

When does a Dalmatian NOT need a coat in winter?

Of course, there are dogs that always need a coat as soon as it gets colder, because they freeze.

But there are situations when your Dalmatian does not need a coat, even if it is cold.


If you exercise with your Dalmatian, such as a long run or bike ride, he probably won’t need a coat.

The intense exercise is enough for many not to get chilled down.

dalmatian does not need a coat

Compare that with us humans. When we go for a normal walk in winter and stop in between, we have thick winter clothes on.

When we exercise, such as running, we are much more thinly dressed – and even sweat.

Short round to pee:

If you go for a walk in the evening for 5-10 minutes so that your Dalmatian can pee again, he will not need a coat in winter.

When does a dog start to freeze

From a temperature below 44 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius), many dogs do not feel well. From 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) you should pay closer attention to your Dalmatian and observe whether he freezes.

The values are of course only a rough guide and may vary.

Symptoms by which you can recognize that your Dalmatian freezes are:

  • Shivering
  • Your Dalmatian slows down
  • Your dog is looking for body contact to warm himself up.

Of course, you need to observe your dog on a case-by-case basis to determine whether or not he is cold. Just because an article says that your Dalmatian doesn’t need a coat when riding a bike, but does when on a normal walk, doesn’t mean that this applies equally to all dogs.

If you see your Dalmatian shivering as soon as you stop on the bike, it may makes sense to put a coat on him while biking or jogging.

Likewise, Dalmatian owners report that they don’t put a coat on their dog until temperatures reach 32 degrees fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) and colder.

Can a dog catch a cold?

Just like us humans, a dog can catch a cold. Especially in the cold season, when it is wet and cold and the Dalmatian can not keep his body temperature so well, it also comes to the dog to a cold.

The symptoms of a cold include nasal discharge, sneezing, watery eyes or even coughing.

Besides the obvious symptoms mentioned above, your Dalmatian may also have a fever or be listless and tired.

You can prevent a cold and the vet visits that come with it by simply investing a few dollars in a winter coat and possibly a raincoat.

The costs for the vet and possibly medicines should be higher than for the coat, which you can use for years.

Suitable coats for a Dalmatian

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  • windproof
  • polar fleece to keep warm

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Frequently asked questions:

Can Dalmatians be left alone?

Dalmatians can be left alone. The condition is that they are accustomed to it slowly from the beginning.

Can you keep a Dalmatian in an apartment?

A Dalmatian can also be kept in an apartment. It does not matter how big the apartment or the house is. The important thing is that the Dalmatian has enough exercise every day.

Conclusion: Do Dalmatians need a coat?

Yes, Dalmatians need a coat in the winter. Due to the lack of undercoat, the Dalmatian will freeze faster than other dog breeds and will not be protected from wetness and cold.

Of course, this varies from dog to dog as to when a coat is necessary. Another factor is the type of activity. The more physically intense you are with the Dalmatian the less likely he is to need a coat. (Contributed image)


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