Are Corgis good for first time owners?

are corgis for first time owners

The Corgi is becoming increasingly popular due to its cute appearance and playful nature. Of course, not only experienced dog owners are becoming aware of this breed, but also beginners. But before you make a mistake, you should inform yourself about the characteristics of the Corgi and whether Corgis are for first-time owners

So, is the Corgi suitable for beginners?

It depends. Corgis are probably not the best choice for first-time owners, as it is sometimes considered stubborn and willful. So training is no child’s play and requires a bit more work than some other breeds. But even as a beginner, you can do the job if you know what to expect and are prepared to train the little Corgi consistently but lovingly, with assistance if necessary.

Are Corgis suitable for first time owners?

It is important to mention in advance that Corgis are certainly not the first choice for first time owners. They have a reputation for being headstrong and stubborn.

So education can be a bit more strenuous than with other breeds, but it is all the more important so that things don’t go in the wrong direction from the start.

If you think the Corgi is just a small dog that doesn’t need as much education as a big one, you’ve already lost.

Especially as a beginner, when you have had no experience with dogs, this can sometimes be too much.

If you often have to “discuss” with your dog so that he doesn’t do something or stays in his place or whatever, this can become exhausting and annoying over time if you are not prepared for it.

But of course, even a first time dog owner can raise a Corgi to be a great family dog if they put time, patience and lots of love into raising this great breed of dog.

Support for first time dog owners

Attending a dog school or enlisting the help of a dog trainer is definitely recommended.

You first need to know how to train your dog. This means how you reward desired behaviour and when and how you correct undesired behaviour.

How do you teach a dog the different basic commands, etc.?

Of course, you can read and watch a lot yourself, or learn from talking to friends, but the professional advice of a dog trainer should not be underestimated.

That’s what we did with our Broholmer. We didn’t have any dog experience, but we learned a lot on our own and booked a dog trainer at the same time. The knowledge we gained there was worth its weight in gold.

So if you invest money in a Corgi, you should also spend a few dollars on a dog school or a dog trainer.

With the right support and knowledge of how to raise a Corgi to be a great family dog, the Corgi is also suitable for first time dog owners. If you are prepared for the fact that he can sometimes be a little headstrong and you have more to do.

Disadvantages of a Corgi for first time owners

Whether you should get a Corgi as a first dog is something you have to decide for yourself. In the following I would like to show you the other side of the coin. Of course, a Corgi also has disadvantages.

Herding dog

The Corgi is a herding dog from Wales whose job was and is to herd flocks of sheep, ponies or even cattle. In contrast to the Border Collie, the Corgi is on the sheep and nips them in the legs or heels from time to time.

As a beginner as well as an experienced dog owner you have to train the Corgi sensibly from the beginning so that this behaviour does not become a problem.

corgi for first time owners


The Corgi tends to be overweight. As a beginner, you should pay close attention to feeding. When is a Corgi too fat and how much should he eat per day.

If your Corgi is too heavy, it can have serious effects on their health. Due to their build, they are already more prone to joint problems (HD/ED) and too much weight is additionally harmful.

Of course, even experienced dog owners have this problem. But if someone has fed and raised his dogs responsibly, he is more likely to have an eye for when a dog gets too fat and can react sooner.


The Corgi needs a lot of exercise. This is not necessarily a disadvantage. But if someone is looking for a small dog because he thinks that they need little exercise, he is wrong with the Corgi.

The Corgi needs clear rules to follow. If you just let the Corgi run alongside, he will quickly take control.

The Corgi needs attention. If you have little time to play, exercise, walk or cuddle with your dog, it is not the right breed for you.

Corgi sheds

The Corgi sheds a lot. Especially the Pembroke Corgi has a dense coat and changes coat 2 times a year. This means you have dog hair everywhere.

As a beginner, you must be prepared for the fact that black clothes may no longer be part of your daily outfit and that you will have to spend extra time grooming and vacuuming your home more often than with other breeds.

Tends to bark

The corgi is not a quiet dog. Of course, this also depends on the individual. But in general, the Corgi tends to bark more. Especially if he does not get enough attention and activity.

As already mentioned, the Corgi is stubborn. So they do not immediately do what you want, but also try to impose their own strong will. As a beginner, you have to be prepared for this and be ready to accept the challenge.

Advantages of a Corgi

Besides the “disadvantages”, the Corgi also has many advantages.


You can keep the corgi anywhere. If your corgi gets enough exercise and training, you can keep him in a small apartment or on a large farm.

The Corgi is a cute little dog. You can take him with you practically anywhere. Nobody is afraid of a Corgi. In fact, the opposite is true. Most people think Corgis are great.

They don’t need much space in the car or in the apartment for their dog bed.

Great character

The Corgi has great character traits. They are lively and friendly dogs that love to play. The Corgi is affectionate and loves children.


Corgis are simply funny. Check out various videos and pictures of Corgis. If you want to have fun with your dog, the Corgi is the right choice. Corgis are entertaining like no other breed

Intelligent & easy to train

Corgis are very intelligent and therefore easy to train. As mentioned before, they tend to be a bit stubborn at times, yet you can do almost anything with them.

Of course, this is an advantage if you are a first-time owner and you bring a corgi into your home. The fact that they want to work and love to eat makes training easier.

The disadvantage, as already mentioned, is that you also HAVE to exercise and educate them.

Corgis are cute

The Corgi is simply sweet and unique. If you want a special dog, the Corgi is the right choice.

Is a Corgi right for you?

The Corgi is suitable for you if you are an active person who wants to spend time with his dog and is not looking for a couch potato.

The Corgi is also suitable for you if you are a first-time dog owner and are familiar with the requirements of this breed and ready to meet them.

It will be more strenuous than with other breeds, but you will get a lot in return.

Conclusion: Are Corgis suitable for first time owners?

Corgis are suitable for first time dog owners if they know what to expect. If you are prepared for a sometimes stubborn dog and willing to implement training consistently but lovingly and attend a dog school, the Corgi is also suitable for first time owners

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