Can you keep a Dalmatian in an apartment?

can a dalmatian be left alone

Before you buy a dog like Dalmatian, which loves to run, you should study the conditions of keeping and requirements. Besides amount of exercise, it is important to know whether you can keep a Dalmatian in the apartment, or whether a house with a garden is necessary.

You can keep a Dalmatian in an apartement if your dog gets enough exercise and activity during the day. Basically, it is not important that your dog has a lot of space in the apartment or in the house. What is important is that he has a permanent place to sleep, a place to eat and that he is allowed to live in the midst of the family.

Why you can keep a Dalmatian in an apartment?

It is important that the Dalmatian gets plenty of exercise and activity. Usually you are outside in nature and go for a walk, running or bike ride with your Dalmatian.

Since a Dalmatian needs a lot of exercise you have to walk long distances with him even in winter. Pay attention, if he is cold, your Dalmatian needs a coat.

If your Dalmatian has enough exercise during the day, he should rest in the house or apartment. In the apartment they sleep and eat. They do not need much space for this.

Many people believe that a big dog needs a big house and cannot be kept in an apartment.
But if you take a closer look at what a dog does in the house or apartment, you should quickly come to a different opinion.

Dogs sleep 16 – 18 hours a day. One a little more, the other a little less. So your Dalmatian will lie most of the time in his dog bed or if he is allowed to, with you on the couch.

So now it doesn’t matter if you have 3 more rooms or not. Often dogs are also not allowed to freely enter all rooms.

For example, in our house the dogs are allowed to stay only on the first floor. That means living/dining room, hallway and kitchen and of course garden. We have a Broholmer (70 cm and 45 kg) and a Cane Corso (70 cm and 45 kg).

The big dog bed is in the living room and the food bowls in the kitchen. So overall, the dogs don’t have an incredible amount of “run” in the house.

But we go for a walk with the dogs every morning before work. In the summer we often go running. After that, they lie around until noon and hardly move. Of course, these are Mastiffs, which are rather leisurely anyway.
But also a Dalmatian needs his rest after a walk, which is accordingly longer and more intense.

Can you keep a Dalmatian in the apartment

Is a Dalmatian too big for an apartment?

It is basically not important how big a dog is, or how big an apartment or house is. Of course, there are extremes, but I won’t go into them now.

Your Dalmatian must have enough space in the apartment for a permanent sleeping place or retreat and a permanent feeding place.

Otherwise, the Dalmatian does not need much space in the house, because in the house or in the apartment is the resting zone and he should not get his physical exercise there.

By the way, which house would be big enough then?

Does a Dalmatian need a house with a garden?

A garden is always good, and definitely an advantage to have. Your Dalmatian will also enjoy lying in the shade in the garden on a warm summer day.

If you get your Dalmatian as a puppy, the training to get him housetrained is more pleasant and easier for you with a garden.

The problem most people have, however, is that they see a garden as an alternative to exercise and active pursuits. “Just send the dog to the garden”.

That’s where the problem lies. A garden is no substitute for a walk.

Especially not for a run-intensive dog like a Dalmatian.

So a Dalmatian does not necessarily need a garden and can also be kept in an apartment if he gets enough exercise. Because outside in nature is the place where the action takes place, and at home is the place where the dog relaxes.

Advantages house or apartment with garden

Even though a garden is not a requirement, it does offer some advantages or relief.

If you want to play or exercise with your Dalmatian outside, you can just go into the garden and don’t have to “get ready” first. It’s just more convenient.

If you want to housebreak a Dalmatian puppy, you can just let him out in the yard for the first few weeks and not have to go outside with him.

In summer it’s just nice to sit in your own garden after a long walk and the Dalmatian is lying next to you in the shade.

These are all reasons that make life easier and perhaps more pleasant. But they are not reasons to exclude a Dalmatian if you have only one apartment.

Your Dalmatian will feel more comfortable in an apartment without a garden, if he gets his 2 to 3 hours of intensive exercise, than if he gets too little exercise, because the owner makes it easy for himself and sends the dog only in the garden.

Keep Dalmatian busy in the apartment

There are many ways to keep your Dalmatian busy indoors. Especially in extremely bad weather, when you can not and do not want to spend 2 to 3 hours in the nature, it is important that you can still exercise your Dalmatian a little.

Obedience training / basic commands

To train the basic commands you do not need much space. Train the basic commands like sit, down, stay etc… with your Dalmatian.

You can do this in the living room or in the kitchen.


Teach your Dalmatian tricks. You don’t need much space for a high five or running through the legs.

Frustration tolerance training

Just put a treat in front of your Dalmatian and don’t let him eat it. The fact that your dog wants the treat but is not allowed to eat it stresses him and is exhausting. Give him the treat after a certain time.

Sniffing search games

Bad weather is ideal to keep your dog busy with nose work in the living room. Either hide some treats he likes or take a sniffing carpet to help.

Sniffing and working with the nose is exhausting for a dog, makes him tired and can easily be done even in a small apartment.

Tenmon Dog Sniffing Mats*

Tug games

Tug games with a rope or other toy are also a great way to keep your Dalmatian busy indoors.

Kong Tug Rubber*

Dog Rope / Tug Rope*

Apartment on the upper floor

Climbing stairs is not ideal for a dog if he does it wrong. However, this usually involves going down stairs quickly. If your Dalmatian runs down the stairs, it can have negative effects on his bones and joints.

If you have an upstairs apartment, you need to teach your Dalmatian to go down the stairs slowly and in a controlled manner.

However, if your Dalmatian goes up the stairs in a reasonable manner, going up the stairs is more beneficial as it is a good workout for the muscles.

Ideally, if possible, use an elevator for the stair descent to avoid joint damage. Then you can keep a Dalmatian in an apartment on the first floor.

Frequently asked questions:

Can a Dalmatian be left alone?

A Dalmatian can be left alone between 4 and 6 hours if it has been reasonably accustomed to it from the beginning.

Why does my dog want to mount me?

There are various reasons why your dog wants to mount you. Often there is no reason to worry. For example, it may be that your dog wants to mount you because he is feeling well and can thus process the positive feelings better

Conclusion: Can you keep a Dalmatian in an apartment?

Yes, you can keep a Dalmatian in an apartment. A Dalmatian usually sleeps, lies down or eats indoors. The exercise that a running dog like the Dalmatian needs, he gets outside in nature.
The home is then his resting zone.

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