Can dogs eat apples? (How often?)

can dogs eat apples

We always have apples in the house. Apples are not only delicious but also very healthy. But what about our dogs? Are dogs allowed to eat apples? And if so, how many?

Dogs are allowed to eat apples! Apples are very healthy for us, but dogs also benefit from the vitamin bombs and strengthen their immune system. Apples are what are: healthy. Depending on their size and weight, dogs can eat between 1/4 and 1 whole apple a day without problems.

Are dogs allowed to eat apples?

Apples are not without reason in almost every BARF diet plan. Apples are not only healthy for us humans. Dogs also benefit from vitamins and fiber.

But even if you feed dry food, you can give your dog an apple here and there, or even daily.

The important thing is that the apples are ripe and not spoiled. So don’t make the mistake of giving your dog a “rotten” apple because you are too lazy to go to the organic waste garbage can.

Even if your dog eats the bad apple, it can make him nauseous and give him a stomach ache.

Just like apples, dogs can eat pineapple.

Can dogs eat apples with the peel?

Of course, dogs are allowed to eat apples with peel. Most of the vitamins are under the skin.

However, it can not hurt if the apple is reasonably washed or even of organic quality. This is simply because our fruits and vegetables in this day and age are unfortunately extremely sprayed and waxed.

This is simply chemistry that we do not want to eat and also do not want to give our dog.

But we will not fall directly if we eat an unwashed apple; our dogs also do not.

Can dogs eat whole apples

?Dogs are, of course, allowed to eat whole apples. We always give our dogs whole apples and not rarely.

Since I, unfortunately, always buy too much, we often have fruit which we do not even manage to eat. The overripe apples, which are already softer (not rotten!!), get in between our dogs at irregular intervals.

This can be every day, and then there are times again two days nothing. So we don’t have a fixed plan to feed an apple daily.

Ideally, you remove the seeds before you give your dog a whole apple. So poke or cut out the core, and you’re done.

This is simply because apple cores contain prussic acid, which is toxic.

Now comes the big BUT.

A dog must eat a truckload of apple cores until a questionable amount is reached! In addition, apple cores are only harmful if they are properly chewed.

If swallowed whole, they are excreted undigested. Most dogs are not known to chew their food well before swallowing it.

Perhaps as a child, you have eaten an entire apple, including the casing. That may not be ideal. But also not very bad.

We always give our dogs the apple whole. I’m not going to start peeling and coring apples for my dogs in addition to my kids now.

broholmer eats a whole apple
Sansa eats a whole apple.

How often can dogs eat apples?

You can give your dog an apple or a piece of apple every day if he can tolerate them.

Apples are safe if your dog does not get diarrhea or something similar.

However, it would help if you considered apples a treat, not a meal. Dogs are and will always be carnivores, and some fruit and vegetables in small amounts will do them good.

How many apples can dogs eat?

We have a Cane Corso and a Broholmer that are 70 cm and over 45 kg. They can easily eat an apple a day in relation to the amount they eat. Just use common sense and adjust the number of apples for your dog.

If you have a Chihuahua or Dachshund, one apple a day is probably too much. You can give your dog an apple every day, but adjust to the body size and weight.

Can puppies eat apples? With a small dog, I would start with one piece and see if he likes it at all and tolerates it.

As a basic rule, you can say that

  • small dogs (Dachshund) should have a maximum of 1/4 apple a day
  • medium dogs (Beagle, Border Collie) maximum of 1/2 apple a day
  • large dogs (Labrador, German Shepherd) can eat a maximum 1 apple a day.

Of course, these figures are only rough guidelines and are not set in stone.

Can Puppies eat apples?

If adult dogs are allowed to eat apples, puppies are also allowed to eat apples. However, you should be even more careful with the amount and start with small pieces.

A puppy’s stomach is even more sensitive and reacts faster to new things. So if you give your puppy too much or too often apples, it may get diarrhea in the home.

This is not pretty, and in fact, we had this recently when my wife gave our new Broholm puppy some melon as well. The same can happen with an apple, of course.

Can dogs eat too many apples?

If your dog has a sensitive stomach, you should slowly test if he can tolerate apples. It can sometimes end up in diarrhea.

But if your dog has eaten too many apples, it can cause an upset stomach and diarrhea.

For example, if you have an apple tree in your garden that loses a lot of apples in the fall, you should not let your dog go into the garden unattended.

If your dog eats one apple after another without restraint, he may not tolerate it and later vomit and have diarrhea.

Are apples healthy for dogs?

Apples contain many vitamins and nutrients that also contribute to your dog’s health.

However, you don’t need apples because vitamin C, for example, dogs can produce themselves.

However, additional vitamin C from an apple can not hurt.

Our dogs are also “struggling” with increasingly poor-quality food. And may not get enough nutrients.

For this reason, it is essential to feed good dog food and not to take in additional deficient ingredients.

After all, it’s enough that the good foods don’t have the nutritional content they did years or decades ago.

Cane Corso eating apple
Malou with her apple

Apples against diseases

Apples can also be a home remedy for dogs and relieve discomfort. However, a discussion with your veterinarian is always recommended if your dog is experiencing pain.

Diarrhea or constipation

If your dog has problems with defecation or diarrhea, a grated apple can help.

The pectin contained in apples binds water and can thus relieve diarrhea. (This home remedy also helps us, humans).

Too much, however, has a laxative effect and can be the solution for constipation. However, before trying to cure your dog, talk to your vet.

If your dog has extreme diarrhea or has not defecated for too long, you may not get far with a grated apple and waste valuable time.

Conclusion: Can dogs eat apples?

Apples are a welcome snack for most dogs and are eaten with pleasure. Unless dogs have a sensitive stomach, there is nothing wrong with giving them a piece of apple every day, adjusted to their body size. Although it would be ideal for removing the seeds, it is not tragic if your dog eats a seed here and there or even a whole apple.

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