Can a Husky be left alone? (How long?)

can a husky be left alone

The Husky is an absolute dream dog for many people, especially because of its appearance. But especially who gets a Husky, must meet special requirements. In addition to the need for exercise, staying alone is also a big issue. But can a Husky be left alone and for how long?

A Husky does not like to be left alone. They are made to live and work closely with humans. However, with proper training from puppyhood, it is possible to leave a Husky alone for 2 to 4 hours from time to time. But this is extremely difficult and not guaranteed.

How long can a Husky stay alone?

A Husky does not like to stay alone.

The Husky is made to work closely with humans and especially to live together. So they are used to always be with their humans.

Of course you can accustom a Husky to a certain extent to stay alone. But it is not possible to say how long a Husky can stay alone.

In contrast to many other breeds that can stay alone for maybe 4-6 hours if trained properly and there are exceptions that can’t be left alone, it is rather the other way around with the Husky.

A Husky is generally known for not able to be left alone. With the right training there are exceptions that can stay alone for 2-3 or even 4 hours. But this is not the rule.

Before you get a husky you should consider if you can always have someone at home in case of emergency.

When dealing with dogs that can’t stay alone, you often end up with a husky that has trashed the apartment, destroyed furniture or even scratched walls. Unfortunately, this is a well-known problem and often impossible to solve.

Can a Husky stay alone for 8 hours?

No. A Husky cannot stay alone for 8 hours. As already mentioned, especially the Husky is used to live and work closely with humans.

Generally, no dog should be left alone for 8 hours a day. However, in exceptional cases, this may be necessary. But it should be and remain an exceptional case.

husky puppy be left alone

Getting Husky used to being left alone

Before you can leave your Husky alone for the first time you have to get him used to it slowly and patiently. The best time to do this is from puppyhood.

Once your husky puppy has moved in with you, it is important that he first gets used to you and the new environment.

You have to consider that you have taken him out of his familiar environment and he is unsettled at the moment. If you leave him alone now, it can only go wrong.

Once your Husky puppy has settled in with you, you can and should start training him in small increments.

  • Start by leaving the room for 1-2 seconds and preventing your husky puppy from following you by closing the door. So you go out for a short time, close the door and go back in.
  • After you have done this a few times throughout the day, gradually increase the amount of time you are away as long as your puppy does not start crying.
  • The goal is to show your husky that you always come back and there is no reason to panic.
  • When you feel your Husky puppy is handling it well when you leave the room, take it a step further and leave the house briefly. For example, to get the mail.
  • So you go out the front door, close it, get the mail, or just wait a short time and go back in the house.
  • Again, slowly increase the amount of time your Husky is left alone when you notice he has no problem with it.

The good thing is that you don’t need extra time for this training, but you can easily integrate it into your daily routine.

Tips how your Husky can be left alone

Once your Husky has learned to stay alone, make this time as comfortable as possible for him.

Make sure your Husky gets plenty of exercise beforehand. Take him for a run or a bike ride and do some head work with him.

If your Husky is tired and exhausted, there is a better chance that he will just want to sleep and you can easily leave the house. Remember that a Husky needs plenty of exercise.

Make sure that before you leave the house, he has peed and pooped. If your Husky is at the door crying because he has to, you can ruin all your training in one fell swoop.

Create a distraction by getting him a great toy to play with whenever you have to leave him alone. Of course you should check in advance if he likes it at all.

Sometimes it is also good if you put a worn piece of your clothing in his dog bed. Your smell can help to calm him down.

Is a Husky suitable for working people?

No, a Husky is definitely not suitable for people who work full time or even half time. A Husky should be left alone as rarely as possible.

Unless you can take your Husky to the office with you.

Of course, to a certain degree is possible sometime but definitely not the rule.

Conclusion: Can a Husky be left alone?

No, a Husky cannot be left alone. They have always lived very close to humans and do not like to stay alone. If there is one dog that does not like to be alone, it is probably the Husky. With the right training from the beginning you can be lucky if your Husky can stay alone between 2 and 4 hours from time to time. But you should not rely on that. (Contributed image)


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