Is the Broholmer a family dog?

Family Dog Broholmer

We have been dealing with different dog breeds for a long time and at some point we came across the Broholmer, which we liked insanely from the looks. Since we have children, we naturally asked ourselves whether the Broholmer is a family dog?

The Broholmer, like most Mastiff-type breeds, loves children and prefers to be around his owners. The Broholmer is therefore the ideal family dog, which at the same time is characterized by a healthy protective instinct and wants to protect the family. His relaxed and good-natured nature make him a perfect companion.

What characterizes a family dog?

In these situations, a family dog should remain calm and composed. A dog that then reacts scared, angry or vicious can become a nightmare for any parent.

In these situations, a family dog should remain calm and composed. A dog that then reacts scared, angry or vicious can become a nightmare for any parent.

Family dogs form a deep bond with the whole family, but especially with the children – they forgive them everything. These are exactly the qualities that a Broholmer fulfills and makes an excellent family dog.

For whom is a Broholmer suitable
Our Sansa

Are Broholmers family dogs that love children?

Broholmers are very good-natured and friendly dogs. They love children and forgive them everything.

Broholmers are bred with an emphasis on a calm and peaceful nature, making the Broholmer a perfect family dog.

Our youngest son was 4 when we got our Broholmer, and he does everything with our dogs. He lies down with them on the dog bed, almost lays on top of them or devotedly examines their teeth like a veterinary dentist.

What do you have to consider with a Broholmer and children?

Especially in the beginning we had to educate our Broholmer a little bit. When our two boys were running around in the garden and playing loudly, she thought she had to educate the children.

She wanted to take over the pack leadership and regulate the children so that they become calmer. However, it must be said that our dog was still a playful young dog.

But after 2-3 corrections on our part, showing her that it is not her job to discipline anyone, the problem was completely solved.

is the broholmer a family dog
Our Broholmer “Sansa”

Is the Broholmer a family dog for beginners?

The fact that the Broholmer is the ideal family dog and at the same time suitable for first time owners has given the nod to this great breed.

The Broholmer is more or less easy to train. It remains just a Mastiff-Type-breed, which often takes a little longer and sometimes also has its stubbornness.

Also, they are not so greedy. A treat is also sometimes refused if she does not feel like training.

However, the breed forgives mistakes and can be trained by first time owners, relatively easy and good, because the Broholmer already wants to please his owners.

For whom is a Broholmer suitable

A Broholmer is suitable for families who are looking for a dog that needs an average amount of exercise and is also a good watchdog.

A Broholmer needs an average amount of exercise per day and additionally some mental stimulation. For us, this is usually 2 x 30 – 45 minute walks per day during the week and a little more on the weekend.

Also for active people, who like to go jogging or cycling, the Broholmer is recommended with restrictions.

However, you must not expect top performance. It remains a large heavy dog. You will not be able to run a marathon with the Broholmer. But normal running units of 5 -8 km we do regularly.

If you don’t have time for a walk, the Broholmer loves to lie in his bed or on the couch and sleep for hours.

We were able to leave our dog alone from the beginning. Of course, we increased bit by bit and did not leave her alone directly for hours. If it must be in exceptional cases, we can also leave her alone for 8 hours.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Broholmer as a family dog

The Broholmer is a classic watch dog. In Denmark, his homeland, he was used to guard castles and estates.

It still has that in its genes today. When someone approaches our property, she announces the visit before we notice it.

Even when we are out somewhere in the forest, she always keeps an eye on our children when they run ahead – as boys are – or roam somewhere in the forest.

The drawback, not for us, may be the imposing size and proud weight for many. Males can reach up to 75 cm and a weight of up to 165 lbs (70 kg). Females are at 70 cm and up to 165 lbs (60 kg). We find just the imposing size beautiful.

But, of course, you need to have the space in the car and in the living room. Because somewhere the dog must also sleep and be transported if necessary.

Another disadvantage of a broholer as a family dog is the food. A large and heavy dog needs of course correspondingly more food than a small dog.

This is then reflected in the monthly costs. Of course you can take cheap food, but in my opinion you get the receipt when the dog is older.

Then you usually have to expect to visit your veterinarian more often. We are convinced that a raw diet is the best and most natural form of feeding.

Two preconceptions are that raw feeding is expensive and complicated. But this is not true

Conclusion: Is the Broholmer a family dog?

The Broholmer is, in my opinion, the perfect family dog if you like large, gentle dogs that also offer some protection. They love children, are cuddly and prefer to be with their family.

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I am Marco and I have the pleasure of living with 3 large Mastiff-type dog breeds. I would like to share my dog-related experiences on this blog

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