Are Rottweilers cuddly?

do rottweilers like to cuddle

People have a dog for a wide variety of reasons. One is definitely because they want a dog to cuddle and pet. A dog will lie next to them on the couch, notice when you’re feeling down, and enjoy being petted. Does a Rottweiler meet this criterion? Are Rottweilers cuddly?

Rottweilers build a strong bond with their owners. They are considered affectionate, cuddly, and love to cuddle and be petted. So if you are looking for a great dog that is an excellent watchdog but also a total cuddler, the Rottweiler is the right choice.

Do Rottweilers like to cuddle?

Dogs generally need to be near their owners. This is also true for the Rottweiler.

Rottweilers are considered to be affectionate and cuddly. However, this is true, depending on the individual character, sometimes more, sometimes less. You can’t say that every Rottweiler wants to be with you or even on your lap.

Our dogs, a Broholmer and a Cane Corso are also considered affectionate and cuddly. The Broholmer always wants to lie with us and somehow next to us, but sometimes it gets too much for her, and then she sometimes goes on her blanket.

The Cane Corso is entirely different. She sits or lays down on you and fully wants to cuddle. She can’t be close enough and forgets that she now weighs over 45 kg.

Be careful when cuddling. Rottweilers drool on average a lot. Dogs that drool and like to cuddle are sometimes a wicked combination.

Our Cane Corso bitch can get you all wet when she feels the need to be petted. With the Rotti, it’s not quite as bad, but sometimes it’s enough.

Reasons why your Rottweiler does not like to be petted

It can always happen that your Rottweiler does not want to be petted, let alone be cuddly.

Abuse in the past

Unless you got your Rottweiler from a reputable breeder, you don’t know what he has been through in the past.

Maybe he has been mistreated and is distrustful of people or even scared.

Then you mustn’t try to force it but give your dog time to trust you. Wait until he comes to you, and let him go when he doesn’t want to be petted anymore.

Pain / Diseases

If your Rottweiler suddenly doesn’t want to be cuddled anymore, he may be in pain due to an illness or injury.

It could hurt him if you touch him in certain places. It is best to go to your vet and have your Rottweiler examined.

Rottweiler is just not cuddly.

As strange as it sounds, there are always dogs that deviate from the standard. Just because Rottweilers are considered affectionate and cuddly doesn’t mean yours is.

Some are extreme cuddlers, and others need more space. You can’t force this.

It is too hot

Dogs are even more susceptible to extreme weather situations than we humans are because they can’t sweat. They regulate their body temperature mainly by panting.

If it’s incredibly hot right now, your Rottweiler may not want to be petted because it’s just too warm for him.

While I write this article, we have 31 degrees Celsius on 18.06.2022 in Germany. Our dogs are spread out in the garden in the shade and have zero ambition to cuddle or be petted.

With age, many dogs become calmer.

While your Rottweiler wanted to sit on your lap all the time when he was young, he may want to lie close to you when he gets older.

Young dogs often need and seek physical contact more often than older ones.

Rottweilers are affectionate

Rottweilers are very affectionate and generally love children. Therefore, Rottweilers make excellent family dogs.

The prerequisite, of course, is that the Rottweiler is well socialized and, above all, educated from the beginning.

Make sure that you get a puppy from reputable breeding. It makes no sense to save 500 € if you have an aggressive dog later.

Whether a dog must have papers or not is a moot point. But for certain breeds, like the Rottweiler, I think it is essential that it comes from controlled breeding.

Aggressive Rottweilers are generally excluded from breeding so that one is relatively sure to get a Rottweiler with a strong character and all its great traits and not an aggressive dog.

With some backyard breeder who lets his aggressive male mate with some bitch you don’t know what kind of puppy you will get in the end.

Excluding or preference certain character traits can be strengthened and brought out purposefully characteristics with dog races. For example, the American Bully became a great family dog – with the look of a Pit Bull.

Conclusion: Are Rottweilers cuddly and affectionate?

Just like us humans, dogs are independent individuals. Rottweilers like to cuddle and are cuddly – as a rule. However, this does not have to apply to everyone. Especially if you don’t know where your Rottweiler comes from, what the parents were like, or you don’t know what he has been through so far, he may not like to be cuddled or petted.

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