Are Chihuahuas aggressive?

why does my chihuahua sleeps so much

Who thinks of an aggressive dog, probably has the usual suspects like a pit bull, German shepherd, etc. in mind. However, there is one breed that few people think of. The Chihuahua. In this article, we clarify whether Chihuahuas are basically rather aggressive or just coddled and badly behaved.

A Chihuahua is not aggressive. However, they are fearless, self-confident, courageous, and above all, alert. However, in combination with poor training and socialization, this can lead to aggressive behavior towards other dogs and people.

Why are Chihuahuas aggressive?

Aggressive behavior in Chihuahuas often the result of poor training or, better yet, no training.

No dog is aggressive just like that – not even the Chihuahua. But the Chihuahua has a well-developed guarding instinct. They protect and guard their territory.

So, when strangers approach your property, your little guardian immediately notices it and bravely confronts the intruder, barking.

This is also nothing terrible and was so wanted. But if you train your dog sensibly and consistently, you can end these situations quickly and show the dog that you are there and that you can master the problem alone.

You have to take the lead and not your Chihuahua. Therefore, a reasonable education from the beginning is essential.

Chihuahua aggressive towards other dogs

The little Chihuahua does not care who is facing him. He is braver and more confident than most other dog breeds and often forgets that he weighs only 2 kilos.

We have a Cane Corso (45 kg) and a Broholmer (45 kg) – both watchdogs. When we visit our parents-in-law, and my brother-in-law is there with his Chihuahua, there is a lot of fuss.

While our dogs approach cautiously, the little Chihuahua switches to attack and barks aggressively, hinting at minor attacks :-). They are not afraid, and the behavior can be aggressive if you do not reject them.

But as I said before, it is not the Chihuahua that is aggressive, but the lack of education lets the territorial and watchful dog live out his instincts unchecked.

If we did not educate our Cane Corso reasonably, we would have a supposedly aggressive Cane Corso. However, this is not in his nature.

But unfortunately, most owners of small dogs think that education is not necessary. After all, they are small and easy to handle.

Due to bad dog owners, certain dog breeds get a stamp on them.

The reason why a Chihuahua can be aggressive

Of course, some Chihuahuas are aggressive. But as a rule, aggressive behavior has reasons

Too little exercise

A Chihuahua needs a relatively large amount of exercise. If they are not sufficiently occupied for a long time, this can lead to frustration and boredom. This can then end in aggressive behavior towards people and other dogs.

Basically, this is true for all dog breeds.

aggresive Chihuahua

Bad education

Poor education or no education at all can make a Chihuahua become or seem aggressive.

If you don’t teach your Chihuahua not to bark at other dogs while on a leash, this aggressive behavior will become ingrained and you will have an aggressive Chihuahua.

Unfortunately, many owners of small dogs do not see the need for education. After all, unlike a big dog, you can just take the small Chihuahua in your arms and he will not be a danger.

In a dog school or through online dog training* you can lay the foundation for relaxed walks.


If your Chihuahua is in pain due to an injury or illness, this can lead to aggressive behavior. A visit to your veterinarian can help.

Preventing aggressive behavior in your Chihuahua

To ensure from the beginning that your Chihuahua does not show aggressive behavior you should treat your Chihuahua as what he is.

A full-fledged dog with enormous self-confidence and tremendous courage who usually forgets that he is a dwarf and does not avoid any confrontation.

Education and obedience from the beginning is very important for a Chihuahua. If you are unsure, a visit to a dog school or the online dog training is highly recommended.

Besides the necessary education, it is important that you fulfill the basic needs of your Chihuahua. Make sure he gets enough exercise and activity.

Frequently asked questions

Does a Chihuahua need a lot of exercise?

Even though they are very small and unfortunately generally considered a lap dog, a Chihuahua needs a relatively large amount of exercise. With at least 1 hour of exercise and activity, you have a good foundation.

The Chihuahua was or is used in its native Mexico, among other things, to hunt rats. They are agile, spirited dogs that should not be kept as sofa dogs.

Why does my Chihuahua sleep so much?

A Chihuahua sleeps relatively much. Like all dogs, he comes to 17 and 20 hours a day. However, they are in deep sleep for 6 to 8 hours of that time. The rest is rather dozing or resting.

Conclusion: Are Chihuahuas aggressive?

Chihuahuas are basically not aggressive. However, lack of or insufficient education in the self-confident and courageous dogs can cause them to react aggressively in certain situations. This is then in principle not because of the breed, but because of the necessary, but missing education.

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